11 Ways to find your baby's perfect sleep solution

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Looking for your baby's unique solution to getting some shuteye? Learn some helpful strategies here!

Let's face it: getting baby to sleep is a task easier said than done. Period.

No matter what stage in your baby's development, it can always be a tricky challenge trying to get your little to get some shuteye. The good news is that with a little practice and trial and error, moms and dads are sure to find a helpful solution that is custom fitted to their babies!

That said, a little help here and there never hurt anyone, right?

If you're struggling to find your baby's unique sleeping preferences, or just looming for some interesting new techniques, the following list maybe exactly what you've been looking for for helping your baby catch a sufficient amount of z's!

Check out the list and let us know if you have any additional tips and tricks that your fellow parents need to know about:

1. Pat them on the back

A simple session of back patting is a relaxing, soothing, and helpful way to help baby calm down. Gently pat your baby on the back and watch as he drifts away into slumber!


2. Caress their neck

Take the side of your palm or the back of your hand and softly rub the back of your baby's neck. It's incredibly relaxing to just about anyone, and you abby is no different!

3. Put on some white noise

You know that weirdly relaxing audible sensation you feel when you run the vacuum? That's the soothing power of white noise taking effect. Invest in a white noise generator, or find some soothing noisemakers around the house to try to help relax!

Looking for your baby's perfect sleeping solution? Try these helpful tips and tricks! Click next for more!

4. Gently bounce them up and down 

Babies love bouncing, so if you can implement a few gentle bounces here or there, your baby may find it soothing. Some moms even report that holding baby while doing some slow, deep lunges has brought them success! Give it a try.

5. Say ohm

A little chanting never hurt when trying to soothe a fussy baby. The deep chest vibration sound of ohm (think yoga class) should calm your baby down — or calm you down, anyway!

find your baby's perfect sleep solution
6. Swaddling

Even though swaddling isn't always the right approach, if you know how to properly swaddle your baby, it can be very soothing and can help them sleep.

7. Rub their ears

Using your thumb and forefinger, gently massage your baby’s earlobe. It sounds strange but it's a great way to soothe a cranky or restless infant.

Looking for your baby's perfect sleeping solution? Try these helpful tips and tricks! Click next for more!

8. Sing to them

They may not be able to sing along (or understand the words, for that matter), but singing to your baby is a great way to get them to drift off. And a chance for you to show off those vocal skills!

9. Massaging their feet

Massaging their feet is a great, and relaxing way to ease your baby of their tension or stress. Try incorporating essential oils, too!

find your baby's perfect sleep solution

10. Snacktime

While sleeping before bedtime isn't always the best route to take, sometimes it's just too darn hard to fall asleep on an empty stomach. Se if your baby wants a snack, and maybe sleeping will come naturally afterwards.

11. Nurse him

Sometimes, this is the end all solution. So, we figured we'd save the best for last.

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