Video of boy attempting to eat whole watermelon at cricket match goes viral

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He is busy seen eating the watermelon, rind including, while watching a cricket match on Melbourne Cricket Ground

Did you just say kids are fussy eaters? Well, this boy might just make you eat your words even as he gorges on a watermelon. A video showing 10-year-old Mitchell Schibeci eating a watermelon, rind including, has caught the fancy of netizens, reports Independent.

Schibeci was part of the audience at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday. He was busy biting into the watermelon when he appeared on the big screen. He immediately caught the attention of the commentators and fellow audience members. In no time, he became an internet sensation, so much so that #watermelonboy started trending on Twitter in Australia.

Watch the video to know more:

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Avinash Iyer