Watch: What Parents wish they knew before having a baby

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In this video, parents talk about the 10 things they wish they had known before they had a baby.

Kid are precious to all parents and they don't like to take any risk while bringing them up. But like it or not, there are many who just love giving advice especially to new parents. But, you know what? It is not necessary because you are going to do JUST fine.

Sometimes in the process of parenting, parents might do the best for their child but in that process there could be a compromise as well. One of the most important bits are basically getting on a perfect schedule and taking some time off occasionally.

Your baby is an individual of his own, as a parent you must explore all his options and discover who he really is and always be prepared for the unexpected in this process cause you might never know what might happen. You’re going to earn the biggest gift from them and that is their love and nothing can ever replace it.

In this video, parents talk about the 10 things they wish they had known before they had a baby.

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