Watch what happens during a natural vaginal birth

Watch what happens during a natural vaginal birth

Take a look at this video to understand the labour and delivery process during a normal vaginal birth

During a natural vaginal birth, an expecting mother goes through several stages of labour that enable a smooth delivery.

  • The first stage of labour lasts for about 12-19 hours and starts when the baby reaches and settles in the lower cervix. In response to the baby's movement, the cervix begins to efface and become thinner and widens.
  • At this time, the mother will feel constant painful contractions every 5-10 minutes.
  • The next stage, would last about 2 hours, the cervix will get completely dilated to about 10 cm. During this change, the baby's head will move towards the birth canal.
  • When the baby starts to crown, the doctor may make a small cut called episiotomy, to enlarge the vagina to the baby to come out easily.

Take a look at the video to better understand the process of vaginal birth:

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