Watch! Tusshar Kapoor's son just hit THIS milestone and the single dad is over the moon!

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Laksshya is such a cutie!

The first year of their baby's life is special for all parents as it is full of all those "first" amazing milestones that are so so special.

Needless to say, single dad Tusshar was over the moon when his little son Laksshya just hit one of the many milestones of the first year of his life.

Sharing his excitement with his followers and fans on Instagram, the new father posted a cute video of his son Laksshya turning over for the first time and his little one does achieve the feat he shouts with joy “woooooo”.

Check out this video to feel Tusshar's excitement.

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Tusshar is indeed setting a precedent for other men who want to have a child and raise it single-handedly. Tusshar has also put all his film commitments on hold at the moment and would begin shooting only next month.

"I'm not shooting for my next till January 2017. I have a full-time help, but I also do a lot of Lakkshya's chores. I've been doing a lot of reading on the internet about baby care. My mother is also helpful," he said in an interview last year.

Tusshar is actually giving quite a few tips to new fathers and also single dads.  However, Tusshar made sure that he involves the whole family in the process so that he can learn the ropes of child rearing from them. That's also a great way to pass on your family's traditional values to your child from an early stage.

5 milestones in a newborn's life

There are so many developmental changes and milestones for baby's first year that it's difficult to quantify and note every single one of them during that crucial time period. Here are the five of the most crucial ones:

1. After six weeks of birth, your baby will be able to achieve eye contact.

2. After six months of birth, your baby will begin to read lips.

3. The first real smile on the face of your baby will appear somewhere between the fourth and sixth week.

4. At nine months, your baby will be able to wave.

5. By the end of the first year, your baby will understand about 70 words and start babbling.

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