Watch: If your toddler could communicate their feelings...

Watch: If your toddler could communicate their feelings...

The mummy comedy trio, The BreakWomb, has determined what your toddler would say if they could communicate like an adult! Watch the hilarious video here!

Mummy comedy trio, The BreakWomb, is back again with another hilarious video that will have mums everywhere laughing till it hurts.

In their popular series of videos called "If Toddlers Could Put Their Feelings Into Words," the trio of hysterical mummies play the role of toddlers and imitate what they might say if they had the ability to articulate and communicate like an adult. Each video is themed to a different scenario and this time around the theme is pacifiers!

According to these mums, here's what your baby would say if you tried to take their precious pacifier away from them:

pacifier 1

"You know how you come home after a rough day and you pour yourself a glass of wine? THIS is my glass of wine!"

pacifier 2

C'mon, Mum..."I taught myself how to walk, can I have this please? Thank you!"

pacifier 3

"You get to kick back and watch TV. Well, guess what: I can't watch Grey's Anatomy"

You can watch the full video of these hilarious mums telling us what's really on toddlers' minds here:

Be sure to check out The BreakWomb's other hysterical videos and witty mum-friendly antics by subscribing to their YouTube page!

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