Watch: Super cute stages of baby crawling!

Watch: Super cute stages of baby crawling!

Crawling may start as early as 6-7 months. There are many different ways for a baby to learn to crawl

Crawling is the milestone of a baby’s life. It is the first step of your baby towards independence. Crawling is an intermediate step between sitting and walking. Crawling engages the baby’s whole body. When a baby crawls, he has to use his arms and legs to lift his trunk off of the floor. Babies often “discover” crawling from learning to sit:

Crawling may start as early as 6-7 months. There are many different ways for a baby to learn to crawl. Also, crawling has a significant role in the growth and development of a baby.

Here are 3 benefits of crawling for your baby:

#1 Development of visual skills

Crawling helps the child see long distance and improves the eye sight of your child. Good visual skills are necessary for your child to read and write.

#2 Learns new things about environment

Crawling gives your child the ability to discover new things about their home and surroundings. Crawling allows freedom of movement and more independence to touch and see new things about the environment.

#3 Brain development:

When a child crawls, the left and right brain start working together and cooperatively. This builds their skills of brain motor cooperation. This helps to make the baby’s mind sharper.

Also, when the baby starts crawling it is important for every parent to protect them from any harm. One can cover the baby’s knees with socks or soft knee pads to help from bruises on the knee. Every parent should make sure to baby-proof their homes before the baby reaches the crawling age.

This video shows the different stages of baby crawling and it is super cute. Watch this video to know how and when your baby start crawling as it will help you to prepare yourself for this adventurous phase.


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