Watch! The reason why this woman gets her beautiful long hair chopped will SHOCK you!

Watch! The reason why this woman gets her beautiful long hair chopped will SHOCK you!

Watch the video to know the reason.

We Indian women love our hair and when it comes to the length, everyone would nod in agreement when I say the longer, the better. While we all love to experiment and chop off our tresses once in a while, a Bengali ad is making headlines these days in which a woman comes to a salon and asks the lady to cut her long hair short.

But that's not the reason why it's breaking the internet. That's right. The lady comes to the salon with a purpose and there's a reason why she heartlessly asks the hairstylist to chop off her beautiful, long tresses.

Hair, the pride of a woman...

The ad begins when a young, Bengali girl enters a hair salon and asks the stylist to cut her hair. Looking at her gorgeous hair, the parlor lady says that it would be a better idea to trim such, lustrous hair. However, the woman is adamant and so the stylist cuts the hair but just by about two inches.

Watch! The reason why this woman gets her beautiful long hair chopped will SHOCK you!

However, the lady asks her to chop it further. Surprised, she cuts another couple of inches, but still, the woman in the picture is not satisfied and gets serious as she asks her to cut it further.

Watch! The reason why this woman gets her beautiful long hair chopped will SHOCK you!

After a couple of attempts, the parlor lady asks if the length is okay now, to which the beautiful woman, almost in tears now, instructs her to cut it more.

Flabbergasted, the hairstylist asks if she's sure. The lady then gives a reply that shocks everyone around! We're sure even you'd be moved to tears. Watch the video to know what she says.


If you still haven't guessed what she means, let us tell you that the film talks about domestic violence and the woman in the video cuts her long tresses because she is a victim of domestic violence and that's why she replies: "Cut my hair so short that no one can hold it and pull it again."

The two-minute ad has garnered appreciation from all quarters due to the simple way in which it talks about a serious marital issue.

Signs you are in an abusive relationship

While domestic violence can be a traumatizing experience for many, it is a known fact that some women overlook certain signs and do not even know that they are in an abusive marriage.

An abusive relationship does not only involve physical abuse, but also emotional abuse that could be far more difficult to deal with. Here are a few signs you should watch out for:

1. Your partner is constantly jealous: If your spouse is over possessive of you and your whereabouts to an extent that you are unable to do anything without their permission, it could be the first sign of your abusive relationship.

2. He cuts you off family and friends: There are many spouses who force their partners to have no contact with their friends and family after marriage and even push them to give up their jobs and hobbies.

3. He's way too controlling: If you are interrogated by your spouse each time you step out of your house, it could be another sign of emotional abuse. Such partners expect their spouses to seek their permission for every little thing they do, failing which they may resort to physical abuse.

Where to seek help?

If you feel that you are in an abusive relationship, you can reach out for help at the following helplines, as mentioned on the website of the National Commission for women:

  • Central Social Welfare Board -Police Helpline:1091/ 1291 (011) 23317004
  • Shakti Shalini: 10920
  • All India Women's Conference: 10921/ (011) 23389680
  • Sakshi - violence intervention center: (0124) 2562336/ 5018873
  • Saheli - a womens organization: (011) 24616485
  • Nari Raksha Samiti:(011) 23973949

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[Screen grabs and Video courtesy: YouTube]
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