WATCH: The inexplicable power of a mother’s hug captured in one single moment

WATCH: The inexplicable power of a mother’s hug captured in one single moment

HUG - such a simple word that holds so much meaning, power, and promise. See how this Huggies® video captures the priceless few seconds of a mother and child’s first embrace. Keep those tissues ready!

That moment.

When a mother holds her child for the first time, the memory is etched into her heart forever. It comes with an intoxicating emotional mix of euphoria, exhaustion, and an explosion of joy.

The single thought in every new mother’s mind: “My baby, I will love you forever.”

But do we ever stop to think about what it means to the child? What his thoughts and feelings were as he felt his mother’s arms being wrapped around him after being born into this new, strange environment?

It means everything. It changes his life.

‘Power of a mother’s hug’ uploaded on YouTube by Huggies® India

‘Power of a mother’s hug’ uploaded on YouTube by Huggies® India

The power of hugs.

The magical way your baby stops crying the moment you (and only you) pick them up, the sniffles of your toddler as he whimpers against your shoulder after a fall – it all began with that first hug. And the hugs should never stop coming. Here’s why:

Over 600 scientific papers have been published on the effects of touch on babies and countless physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral benefits have been named. These are just some of them1:

It boosts the child’s development.

Research shows that skin-to-skin care (having the infant wear only a diaper and be held upright such that his bare belly is against the caregiver’s chest) contributes to healthier brain development. It also strengthens the immune system.

Touch, in general, helps the child gain weight faster and sleep better, which is both crucial to a growing baby’s overall health. It even advances a child’s language learning!

It has the power to heal.

You’ve long known this, but science has proven that touch can bring pain relief to your little one (that’s why mummy kisses those boo-boos!) This is especially important for pre-term babies who undergo stressful procedures while in intensive care.

Your touch can stabilize the baby’s heart rate and temperature, improve their oxygen levels, reduce anxiety, and help protect against illness!

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It’s good for mum too.

Holding and rocking your baby isn’t just part of the job. It’s actually beneficial to a parent’s mental health and satisfaction.

It brings mum and baby closer together

Literally, and relationship-wise, mum and baby become more attached to each other. Parent-infant interaction is enhanced, thereby improving the baby’s social skills.

Huggies® “Power of a Mother’s Hug”

Remember when we told you to bring out the tissues? It’s time.

Huggies® believes in the power of hugs. That’s why the New Huggies® Wonder-Pants with their all new ‘Hug-Fit’ design, were inspired by a mother’s hug.


Soft and stretchy, the diaper fits like a hug around your baby – and like your embrace, is never too tight or loose – just right.

This comfortable fit is combined with superior absorbency, keeping the baby dry and happy, free to grow and explore the world around him.

That’s why we wrap our arms around them, right? So that when we let go, they can be confident enough to go on life’s adventures, knowing that with every stumble, mum will be waiting with a big, warm hug to make everything better.

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1The Power of Human Touch for Babies, a paper published by Britney Benoit, Katelynn Boerner, Marsha Campbell-Yeo, PhD, Christine Chambers, PhD of the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, IWK Health Centre for the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres

Written by

Dazzle Ng Sy

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