Watch: Expert tips on how to wash and bathe your newborn

Bathing your baby is one task every parent should carry out carefully and in such a way that the baby's sensitive skin is protected

As a new parent, one will always have questions about baby care and how to take care of the baby’s health and well being. Bathing your baby is one task every parent should carry out carefully and in such a way that the baby’s sensitive skin is protected.

Even though the baby is always in a clean environment, it is important for the parent to give a bath to their child two to three times in a week to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of their child.  Baths control excess oil in the hair, clean your baby’s skin from too much moisture and dry the areas between her skin folds.

Bathing your child with good child care products will help in keeping your baby’s skin soft. While bathing your child, you can also massage his arms and legs to improve blood circulation in his body. Regular baths will prevent flaky scalps of your baby and also eliminate any germs and bacteria from their body.

Here is an expert video by a nurse on how to bathe and clean your new born child.

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