Must watch: Ease colic by using the 'Tiger in the tree technique'

Must watch: Ease colic by using the 'Tiger in the tree technique'

Use this simple and unique technique to ease colic and gas in your baby

Gas and infantile colic can be a real problem in babies. However, it's not a problem can cannot be solved. You can ease colic by following a simple 'Tiger in the tree technique.'

Indian mums also swear by a simple remedy where you mix a tablespoon of hing with water to ease colic. However, this technique also works if your baby's colic is making him extremely uncomfortable.

For this anti-colic massage technique, maintain a normal room temperature, prepare some warm towel and oil, and always maintain physical contact with the baby to keep him safe.

For the technique, you can follow a two simple steps:

  • Secure the baby and turn him on your arm with his back facing your chest.
  • Swaddle and massage the baby's tummy.

Take a look at video to better understand the technique to ease colic in babies:

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Deepshikha Punj

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