WATCH: Baby kicks so hard that mum's belly moves sideways

WATCH: Baby kicks so hard that mum's belly moves sideways

Mums, how hard did your kids kick in the womb? This incredible video captures a bub flipping about so strongly that mum's belly moves too!

There's nothing more magical than feeling your baby kick for the first time. That flutter under your hand is a wondrous sign that you've reached a new milestone in pregnancy — almost a 'hello, world' from your little one.

If you've gone through more than one pregnancy, you might have noticed some difference in your babies' kicks. Some babies seem to move about less. But others are ultra-active — it feels like they are staging a gymnastics performance in there.

Well, the little one in this stunning video definitely belongs to the latter category. The viral video captures a baby kicking in mum's belly as she's getting her hair shampooed — so strongly that her baby bump is moving sideways!

With those incredibly strong kicks, it's clear that this baby can't wait to come out into the world!

Popular belief has it that how much your tots kick is a predictor of their future temperament. In truth, however, your babies are simply responding to your external environment — stimuli like light and loud sounds will get them up and kicking.

In addition, what goes on in mum's body plays a huge role. Babies tend to move more after a meal, or if mum ingests stimulants like caffeine.

Looks like this lively baby is excited that mum's getting some well-deserved salon pampering (or maybe feeling left out of the action). We look forward to seeing you too, little one!

Mums, have you ever seen your babies moving like this in utero? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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