WATCH: 3-year-old perfectly recreates Disney’s Tangled with her dad as her prince

WATCH: 3-year-old perfectly recreates Disney’s Tangled with her dad as her prince

Claire Ryann first won our hearts with her Little Mermaid cover. Now, watch as the adorable 3-year-old perfectly recreates Disney's Tangled!

She first wowed the internet with her heartwarming tribute to The Little Mermaid, which garnered 9.5 million views.

Now, 3-year-old Disney fan Claire Ryann is taking on another Disney classic, ‘I See The Light’ from the 2010 movie, Tangled.

Singing the duet with her is her dad, Dan Crosby, who cradles a guitar as they drift down a lake in a rowboat, charmingly similar to Rapunzel and Flynn.

tangled 1

screengrab: YouTube

Claire’s adorable voice breathes new life and innocence to the familiar, beloved scene from the film. Clad in a Rapunzel costume with a flower crown to complete her look, it’s hard not to gush over this little girl’s talent and charm. Her dad looked just as dashing as Rapunzel’s prince, Flynn Rider.

tangled 3

screengrab: YouTube

Find out more about this stunningly adorable Disney cover (and watch it) on the next page!

The charming daddy-daughter duo’s beautiful rendition, although simple, was well thought out and is nothing short of magical. It gained nearly 90,000 views on the first day it was posted.

tangled 5

screengrab: YouTube

One of the most moving parts of the clip is when young claire sits atop her dad’s shoulder watching in awe as the glimmering lanterns drift up into the night sky.

tangled 6

screengrab: YouTube

Watch the entire video, which will make your Disney-loving heart sing along with glee, here!

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