6 Warning signs that you have a bad nanny

6 Warning signs that you have a bad nanny

Make sure to know what to look out for when it comes to spotting a good nanny from a bad nanny. They're the ones taking care of your child after all!

For the most part, nannies are very caring and are focused on taking care of your child as well as their well being. However, there will always be exceptions to the rule. here are some warning signs that you should look out for to know if you have a bad nanny:

1. Your child seems afraid of her nanny

This one should be pretty obvious, especially if your kid isn't usually afraid of your nanny. It might be a sign that your nanny has been threatening your child or has been scaring her. Talk to your child and figure out the reason why they're afraid, and then go from there.

2. Your nanny is secretive about your child's daily routine

If your nanny is giving you vague answers about what your child did during the day, then you should start being more cautious. She might be hiding some things from you, since nannies usually are aware of what has happened throughout the day.

3. Your nanny isn't following your requests

Again, this one is an obvious sign that your nanny isn't the best. If you consistently see that your nanny is failing to do the things that you asked her or is doing things that are completely different than what you asked for, then you should talk to her about it to address the issue.

4. Your nanny seems a bit too critical of your parenting

This one's another clear sign of a bad nanny. In some ways, it's fine if your nanny is giving you tips and advice based on her experience, as she's sharing what she knows. However if she acts like she always knows better and she's overly critical of your parenting style, then it's hard to make that relationship work. It's best to just look for another nanny if it happens to you.

5. Your child is consistently hungry and tired

If you see that your child seems to always be hungry or tired when you get home, there's a possibility that your nanny has been neglecting to feed your child, or hasn't been putting your child to sleep. This is especially true if your child wasn't that way before your nanny started taking care of her. If you think that your nanny has been slacking off, make sure to talk to her first to know what's happening and not outright fire her on the spot.

6. Your nanny's stories don't add up

If your nanny has been lying to you, then it should be a sign to part ways with her. Lying, stealing, or deception are big problems and you never want anyone like that in your home, especially if they are taking care of your children as well.


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