Shocking: Virgin woman gives birth to a baby

Shocking: Virgin woman gives birth to a baby

This virgin birth tale trumps all pregnancy stories because it is nothing short of a miracle.

If anyone tells a story of a virginal wife who has given birth, you may raise an eyebrow.

But such is true, according to a report.

A 29-year-old Australian woman, whose name is understandably withheld to maintain her family’s privacy, suffers from a condition known as vaginismus.

Vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the muscles surrounding the vagina during an attempt to have sex. The pain may be severe enough to prevent any sexual activity and traumatize the woman with the condition.

Family first

However, the couple’s desire for a complete family led them to use a unique method to conceive. After ejaculating, the husband would deliver his sperm into his wife’s vagina using his fingers. Fortunately for them, it worked.

The woman, who continues to undergo counseling to this day to overcome her condition, was scheduled for a c-section to avoid vaginal birth. However, life has a way a derailing plans.

She went into early labor and eventually underwent natural birth. Though she was quite traumatized from the experience, we salute her courage! After all, she experienced the miracle of birth despite the many obstacles she faced.

Do you think you can top this woman’s pregnancy story?

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