Viral photo of mum breastfeeding at wedding gets unexpected response

Viral photo of mum breastfeeding at wedding gets unexpected response

“I made the silly face because it’s literally not a big deal to feed your baby."

Typically, when I cover stories about moms breastfeeding (publicly or otherwise), they tend to be about how women work hard to combat negativity brought on by shamers. I often find myself saying things like, "there still exists a shocking amount of the world that detests public breastfeeding". Luckily, today I can take a far lighter tone.

It seems the hard work that women have put towards ending the stigma towards public breastfeeding may be on its last leg! What's my basis for such a claim? A viral photo of a mother breastfeeding at a wedding.

In case you missed it, here it is:

The photo was published to Facebook and Instagram by mom Naomi Covert. The mother, U.S. Army wife, and fitness enthusiast attended a wedding with her 10-month-old son T.J. earlier this month. During the reception, T.J. got hungry and his mom knew what she had to do! Someone managed to snap a photo of this mommy in the act of feeding and the rest is history.

The picture shortly went viral after empoweredbirthproject reposted the image on their Instagram account. Since they shared the awesome photo, it's amassed over 14,000 likes! That's not including the 13,000+ likes the picture has garnered from Covert's personal Instagram account.

While the post is empowering to say the least, a good reason for the picture having gone viral is Covert's confident, brazen, and hilarious smile shown in the picture.

When BuzzFeed asked about the face she was making in the picture, Covert said, “I made the silly face because it’s literally not a big deal to feed your baby."

“When you are at a wedding, wear fancy dresses and high heels. and your baby gets hungry, well … You give no sh*ts and feed the kid," she later added.

Has the hard work mothers have put forth into fighting shamers finally paid off? It would appear the proverbial foot is in the door. And it's about time! Many women can attest to the feeling of uncertainty they feel about feeding their breastfeeding children publicly. Covert, has always worked to go against that grain!

In an interview with BuzzFeed she has no problem breastfeeding her baby wherever she is, and whenever he’s hungry. She’s breastfed him in church, at the airport, and even in grocery stores. As for covering up, she says her son doesn’t really tolerate a nursing cover; he would just “rip it off in no time.”

The attitude and mentality that moms like Covert has put towards ending breastfeeding shamers is starting to show! In fact, it's even inspiring young women and expecting moms to have the confidence they should in regards to breastfeeding publicly. One Facebook user and commenter of Covert's post wrote the following: “I want to become an awesome mother just like you seem to be!”

Good work, Naomi and proud nursing moms everywhere! Keep up the good work!

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