Video: Young mother mercilessly beaten by molesters in crowded UP market as she resisted them!

Video: Young mother mercilessly beaten by molesters in crowded UP market as she resisted them!

The video brings to light the condition of women in lawless areas such as UP

A shocking video has emerged from UP's Mainpuri district where a helpless woman is seen being mercilessly beaten by the very own men who tried to molest her.

The video that seems to have been taken up by a phone first shows the woman resisting one man who tries to grope her from behind and snatch her dupatta, but after a few seconds a couple of men gather around her and start beating her, one of them even has a big stick in his hand.

The women was in the busy Mainpuri market with her husband and her little daughter. What's shocking is that while the people who had gathered there had all the guts to shoot the video, none of the bystanders came forward to help her. All this happened as her little girl was wailing and crying for her helpless mother.

He snatched my dupatta

“He snatched my dupatta from my chest and beat me up with a stick. He hit my husband as well, and my daughter was also with me. The police and a large crowd were standing there but no one did anything. My FIR or complaint was not written. They (the police) only filed a non-cognisable report. They said that no misbehaviour was done and that it was a minor scuffle,” she told Times Now.

However, the brave mother has not given up her fight yet and she is now on hunger strike to make sure the perpetrators are brought to book. She threatens that she will commit suicide if her demands are not met.

“My demand is only that two of them must be nabbed. One has been nabbed. But the other culprit should also be nabbed. And the culprits must be shown to me. I will eat after that. Until then, I won't eat. I said this to the police as well. I told the police that if they don't present the culprits in front of me, then they will be responsible when my family and I commit suicide,” she added.

The police did nothing

“I was pointing at the accused and showing the police who the culprits are. But the police just stood there, they did nothing," said the woman's husband to TV news channels.

Watch the video to see how the event unfolded:

How to be safe in lawless areas of India

This unfortunate incident once again brings to light the safety and protection of young girls and women in India, especially in the lawless areas of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Like it or not, there are a few thing that we as girls can do to ensure that we are safe and sound, especially when in such lawless areas:

1. Dress sensibly: While no one can stop someone from leching at you even if you are covered from head to toes, just like the woman in the picture, it is generally advised to dress as the people do in that area. This means that your dressing style must be in tune with what the locals normally wear in that area.

2.Be alert: Anything can happen in a matter of seconds and it is therefore advisable for women to be alert and on their toes to avoid any dangerous situations.

3.Carry a pepper spray: Pepper sprays are easily available in markets these days. It would be a good idea to carry one with you all the time, especially if you venture out alone too often.

4. Get smart with your phone: Save numbers of friends, family on speed dial and make sure that your mobile battery is fully charged.  Ensure that your phone is fully charged. It would also be a good idea to save numbers of police stations, women helplines. Download apps that can track your movements and help your family in case of an emergency.

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[Video courtesy: YouTube]
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