Teary-eyed Aishwarya loses cool and lashes out at media for creating chaos at an event

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"This is not a premiere, not another public event. What’s wrong with you all?” said Aishwarya, barely holding her tears and emotions.

The month of November has been a busy one for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. From family weddings to her own birthday, to her daughter's grand bash, to some controversies, she certainly had a lot on her plate.

But soon after all of these were over, she headed straight to a hospital to honour her late father's wishes on his birth anniversary.

Accompanied by mum Vrinda Rai as well as daughter Aaradhya, the 44-year-old visited Smile Train's Day of Smile event and reportedly even sponsored surgeries of 100 kids with cleft lip.

Aishwarya: Honouring my father’s love for children

In fact, as soon as the trio reached the do, an emotional Aishwarya shared that wanted to do something in honour of her late father.

"Honouring the memory of my father, Mr. Krishnaraj Rai’s love for children and his firm belief that all children must have a life of good health and education, Smile Train has so graciously declared the 20th of November, his birthday as the “DAY OF SMILES”....I am very humbled and we thank you for your kind generosity. Nothing would please us more than to help children find true reason to smile and lead happy and healthy and fulfilled lives. God Bless," she shared.

Unfortunately, the event that was meant to extremely memorable soon turned into a nightmare for everybody.

The photographers at the event started to aggressively close in on the star and all the children she was standing next to, including her own daughter Aaradhya.

"Please show some respect...What’s wrong with you all?”

This irked her so much that she asked the media persons to practice restraint and not scare the children.

“I’m seriously saying, stop it. You do not need to take my photograph, asking you all to please keep silence. You neither need this picture nor the video. We are requesting you to maintain peace," she requested.

However, they continued and this led to a showdown and Aishwarya could not longer hold her tears back (video below).

As she cried, she lashed out, "We all are familiar with such events, we belong to this business, they (kids) don’t. Please show some respect. They do not know our worlds. This is not a premiere, not another public event. What’s wrong with you all?”

Celebrity or not, she is first a mum!

Incidentally, as soon as she recovered her cool, her well-mannered daughter handed over a knife so she could calmly cut the cake in her father's memory. While the event ended on a calm note, the overzealous photographers once again proved that they are unable to practice restraint around the Guru star.

If you recall, this is not the first time that photographers have left Aishwarya shocked. Just recently while visiting her friend, some photographers got too close to her and tried to click uncomfortable pictures of her.

At the time, her husband Abhishek intervened and summoned the photographers to not use those images.

But this time, being an honourary event for her late father, Aishwarya didn't lash out, but neither could she control her emotions.

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