This video of Sushmita Sen dancing with her daughter Alisah is too CUTE to miss!

This video of Sushmita Sen dancing with her daughter Alisah is too CUTE to miss!

This would put a smile on your face...

We have told you before that Sushmita Sen loves dancing and it is the one activity that she recommends to all Indian parents as she feels that it is an excellent medium to help kids express themselves.

In fact, Sushmita has previously shared quite a few of videos of her dancing with her daughters to various songs and we must say that the dynamic trio rocks it each time they sway to the beats of their favourite numbers.

And this time as well Sushmita and her younger one Alisah have completely owned this video that have the two dancing to the tunes of Ed Sheeren's chartbuster, Shape of You. The former Miss Universe can be seen in a gorgeous swimsuit and looks divine and she sways her hips from side to side to the beats of the song.

Alisah soon joins her mommy and we must say that the little girl matches her steps to perfection. Don't believe us? Check out this video that's breaking the internet today, which was shared by Sushmita on her Instagram.

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Sushmita also revealed her reason to be in such high spirits during the shooting of the video. The actress is soon starting her Europe tour and it looks like she is taking her daughters along with her.

She wrote, “First leg of the journey begins! Pun Intended!! 3 weeks of connecting with America and Europe LIVE!!!! So much to look forward to!!! Warmest hugs n kisses to all of you!!! Muuuuuaaaah!!!”

It's a joy to see Sushmita living it up with her daughters and showing the world that sometimes just one parent can do a better job then two.


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Besides, Sushmita also shows that dancing can, in fact, be a way to not only help your kids express themselves but also helps the family bond and come closer together. Here are reasons why dancing can indeed be the best hobby for both mummies and kids:

1. Gives you a release: When it comes to channelising your younger one's restless energy or releasing your own stress and tension, dancing can be your one stop solution to all problems. It gives both mums and kids a release and fills them with positivity.

2. A great exercise: It goes without saying that dancing can indeed be a great cardio exercise and one that is fun to do. So if you're looking to lose weight but have no time to step out of the house for a walk or to the gym, put on some music and dance it off with your kids.

3. Helps shed your inhibitions: Dancing is also an excellent way to shed your inhibitions, which is a problem that many younger kids face when they just start participating in different activities in school. Dancing at home with your kids gives them the confidence to perform outside home without any hesitations and helps them open up.

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