This video showing a chaiwala giving Rs 1.5 crore in DOWRY to his daughters will shock you!

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He is literally seen flaunting his money and waving bundles of notes in the air as he counts them.

We all know that despite the strict laws and demonstrations against dowry, there are many states in India that still practice the obsolete tradition. Some even go to extreme lengths and spend exorbitant amounts of money and lavish gifts to their daughters in their wedding.

In a shocking video that's breaking the internet, shows a tea-seller from Rajasthan giving away Rs 1.51 crore as dowry to his six daughters at their wedding last week.

Gujjar is seen here flaunting bundles of notes in his hand

Yes, that's right! In this video, Leela Ram Gujjar, owner of a tea stall at Haduata near Kothputli in Rajasthan, is proudly showing off the money as the villagers around watch him count the bundles of notes with bated breath. He is literally seen flaunting his money and waving bundles of notes in the air as he counts them like you normally see in an auction in Bollywood movies.

Gujjar handing over the money to the grooms after the counting.

At the end of it, the community leaders an others break an applause and Gujjar then proudly hands over the big bag filled with the bundle of notes to the grooms. Don't believe us, watch the video yourself!

Following the video, the IT department filed a notice against Gujjar and asked for an explanation regarding the source of his income and the dowry. However, Gujjar, did not show up and is absconding since then.

“Gujjar had printed the names of two of his daughters on the wedding card. They were adults. But we are investigating reports that he got his minor daughters married too. He is on the run,” sub-divisional magistrate Suresh Choudhary told news reporters.

Dowry deaths in India

While the government is making all efforts to prohibit people from accepting and giving dowry, there are many who do that privately and under the cover. Which is why India reports the highest total number of dowry deaths in the world.

Although Indian laws against dowries (Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961) have been in effect for decades, they have not been able to put a stop to the practice and have been criticed heavily for being ineffective. Around 8,391 dowry-related deaths were reported in 2010, which brings it to 1.4 deaths per 100,000 women. 

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