This video of a Delhi woman throwing her OWN two-year-old son from the first floor will send chills down your spine!

This video of a Delhi woman throwing her OWN two-year-old son from the first floor will send chills down your spine!

The 26-year-old mother was allegedly in a fit of rage when she threw her own son

Mothers are often associated with care, love and compassion. But it seems for this Delhi woman these words hold no value.

In a barbaric show of rage that can send shivers down your spine, a 26-year-old woman allegedly flung her two-year-old son from the first floor of her Pal Prahladpur home in the city's southeast area.

The woman was allegedly in a fit of rage when she threw her own son, but was incidentally caught red handed in a CCTV footage. Her husband Nitin Gupta is reported to have called the police and filed a compaint against his wife, Sonu Gupta.

What exactly happened

As per the graphic CCTV footage, one can see Sonu talking to her family members including an aged woman (presumably her mother-in-law) and within a few minutes into their conversation, Sonu gets up and moves out of the room.


She then goes out of the room and grabs hold of her two-year-old son. She heads towards the main door area, where the grill door is seen open. There is also a woman behind Sonu who witnesses the entire drama.


Sonu then allegedly flings her son down the stairs. As you can see in the picture (below), the other lady in the picture is baffled by this 26-year-old mother's action and runs towards the rescue of the boy who was immediately taken to AIIMS.


He also reportedly sustained blunt injuries on his head as well as his face. Surprisingly, while the incident reportedly took place on January 11, the complaint against Sonu was only filed 12 days later, on on January 24.

Police suspects foul play by in-laws

Speaking about the incident DCP, southeast, Romil Baniya told media, "On January 24, we received a call from Nitin Gupta saying that his wife threw his son off the staircase. We recorded his statement and took the child for medical examination at AIIMS trauma centre. A case was immediately registered against Sonu Gupta and the investigation is on.”

The police also shared that while the mother may have done this in a fit of rage, the motive is unclear. They also shared that the in-laws complained that Sonu was short-tempered and often picks fights over petty issues.

“These claims have, however, not yet been verified. It is also possible that the in-laws are trying to frame her. We are looking into the matter and appropriate action will be taken soon. The woman is being counselled,” a senior police officer said.

The graphic video

In the video footage by ANI, the mother-in-law is clearly heard stating how her daughter-in-law allegedly behaved and it also shows the graphic video where Sonu threw her son!

While the actual motive is yet to be understood, one thing is clear, there were underlying issues between Sonu and her in-laws and as the police suggest, she may have been instigated to take such a drastic help.

Let's be honest, it's not easy being a daughter-in-law in India. Unfortunately, daughters-in-law have to bear the brunt of being not only an outsider, but are also treated like housemaids in many cases.

Difficult being a daughter-in-law

  • Outsider's tag: Many daughters-in-law are subjected to being the outsider and often decisions pertaining to the house or the family are made in her absence or she is not given enough freedom to voice her opinion.
  • No time to adjust: It's strange that all daughters-in-law are thrust upon the responsibility of the new home and expected to adjust within a few hours. They may not even be given any guidance by the in-laws and this may create friction between the two parties.
  • Insecure parents: Sometimes it may happen that parents are unable to let go of their son and expect him to be their 5-year-old obedient child forever. This comes in the way of him fulfilling his duties as a husband because he is being asked to concentrate on his family and not so much on his marriage.

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