Video: Little Nitara sweeps Daddy Akshay Kumar off his feet... literally!

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As daddy dearest was watching her girl rock on a swing, Nitara’s swinging in the air feet hit him on his chest.

Guess who can deliver a mighty blow to the original Khiladi Akshay Kumar in Bollywood? It is none other than Akshay Kumar’s 5-year-old daughter Nitara.

Just yesterday Akshay posted a video on Instagram where the proud daddy was seen with his baby girl Nitara in a playground. As daddy dearest was watching her girl rock on a swing, Nitara’s swinging in the air feet hit him on his chest.

But just when you thought that the Khiladi Kumar would be left unmoved with this small blow, we see Akshay losing his control for a moment and slipping off his spot.

May be that is the effect little girls have on their daddies, so what if daddy’s day job is beating up all the goons black and blue!

‪Daddy's day out gone wrong ??? #ParentLife ‬

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But jokes aside, Akshay’s little video also shows the wonderful bonding activity that he is enjoying with his baby. It also reminds us that the metrosexual daddies of the day are taking up as much time in their kids’ activities as mums do.


There's always a spring in my step when we are together :) #FatherDaughterTime

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Akshay and Twinkle who are not only very hands-on as parents they are also very protective especially when it comes to their younger daughter Nitara. While Akshay in an earlier interview had stated how he wished his kids to have a very normal upbringing and had even made his older son Aarav travel in economy class on some occasions.

When it comes to upbringing then both Twinkle and Akshay maintain that they ensure that their kids get very normal upbringing and are often seen doing mundane activities with their kids such as playing outdoors or painting with the kids.


Every day is a #FathersDay if you have a son like that :) #MakingMemories ‬#blessed

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We are assuming then that in Kumar household it is pretty common that dad Akshay takes the kids out in a park. Now what effect his superstar presence has on other mums and dads in the park is quite another story though!

Akshay while rocking his darling daughter in a park displays a great way to bond with his baby. Here are some other daddy-daughter bonding ideas for all you parents out there to try

  • Enroll in dance classes: Daddy daughter dancing classes are one of the most effective ways to spend a stimulating and fun time with your baby daughter.
  • Take a pottery session: Great hand eye coordination for toddler kids and an artistic outlet for older ones, spending an evening making clay pots can be a stress busting activity for daddies too.
  • Play a sport together: Whether it is tennis or football how about spending some time on the field with your daughter. Who said it's only the boys who like some action on the sports field?
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