5 values all mothers should teach their kids before they turn five

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is doing whatever she can to instil the right values in her daughter Aaradhya before she completes the tender age of 5

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is doing whatever she can to instil the right values in her daughter Aaradhya before she completes the tender age of 5.

And, she is quite right in what she is doing as studies say that what kids learn before the age of five is what stays with them forever. Which is why it is important for parents to keep their toddlers informed and aware on all issues that concern us, especially that concerns Indians.

To get you started, here are five values that you can start teaching your kids from today.

#1 Be tolerant to all religions

India is a country with diverse religions and this why it is important that you make your child aware and teach him to be tolerant to other religions.

  • Just like Aishwarya took Aaradhya to the Golden Temple in Amritsar yesterday, make sure that you visit places of worship of other religions as well.
  • If you can’t, make use of the World Wide Web and show the pictures of places of worship of different religions to your kid on the computer.

#2 Honesty

Whether it’s asking about breaking a toy or hitting another child—honesty should be the most important value that you can teach your child early on in life.

  • This means that you have to practice the same at home and be as truthful to other members of your family as you can. Always remember that she looks up to you for example.
  • Always encourage your kids to speak the truth and never hide things from your parents as you are the only ones that can protect them.

#3 Courage

In this competitive world it is important for your child to have the courage to speak up and take a stand. It is essential for kids to be as fearless as they can, something which should be developed at a young age when they are too small to comprehend what fear is.

  • The best way to make sure that this happens is by letting your child speak whatever he wants to and without any hesitation. Never stop your child from saying anything, no matter how trivial the issue is.
  • Also, do not laugh whenever your child is saying something as it would stop him from speaking up again as they would feel that you don’t take their opinion seriously.

#4 Respect for elders

Respect for elders and other human beings is a very important value and one that kids should learn when they are young.

  • Make sure that you do the same with the elders of your family, your maids and other helpers that you might have. Talk to them kindly and always be sensitive to their needs.
  • Encourage your child to talk with everyone, no matter which part of society he comes from.
  • Never bad mouth anyone in front of your child as it can have a lasting impression on his mind and soul.

#5 Determination

Your child might have the courage to try something new but there can be a learning for him only when he has the determination to rise and try it again each time he falls.

  • Encourage your child to try new things and never disapprove of them even if they fail. Appreciate them for trying.
  • Involve them in new activities so that they develop confidence and nature to explore new things.
  • Praise them in private and in front of others as it would really help boost their morale.

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