Follow this planner to have a fun-filled Valentine's Day with your whole family

Follow this planner to have a fun-filled Valentine's Day with your whole family

Here's a planner for a fun-filled 14th Feb to celebrate with your whole family and spread love all around you.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It has evolved over the years and now celebrates all kinds of love. Parents always wonder what the different ways are and how they can deepen a connection with their kids.

However, it’s the perfect opportunity to include your whole family and to spread love all around you. Here’s a planner for a fun-filled 14th Feb to celebrate with your whole family.

Valentine’s Day Pre–planner


  • Get Crafty: Get your kids to make hand-made cards for friends and extended family. Using paper, crayons, glue, glitter and whatever else you have on hand. Personalize by making a heart shape with your thumbprints by dipping them in paint and write a handwritten message inside. Add finishing touches with drawings and glitter. The more personalized the better.
  • Rethink gifts: Instead of ready-made gifts, put in some efforts and personalize the gifts. Collect photographs and stitch up memories in a photo frame. Write a letter of appreciation and exchange them on Valentine’s Day.

14th February Planner

  • Cuddly mornings: When you wake up the kids, give them a warm hug and good morning kiss.
  • Breakfast Valentines: You could do this with the help of your kids or by yourselves. Incorporate heart shapes in your breakfast.Get pictures of heart shaped chapattis, sandwiches, omelet, and pancakes


Evening appreciation time: After a day packed with activities each of you could give a gentle massage for each other’s feet and shoulders as a sign of appreciation for all that you’ve done for each other.

Another way is by having a round of appreciation. Encourage your family to appreciate each other one by one. Thank them for being your strong support and pillar of faith. It’s a great day to say sorry for the times you may have hurt them in a way.

  • Love Post its!: You could get everyone to write qualities of each other and post it on the fridge or on the cupboards as a reminder to be polite everyday
Parenting tips

Parenting tips

  • Pre-dinner time: While the dinner is getting ready and kept to cook, a dancing session could be a great way to unleash those hidden talents. It could also be a stress buster for parents to take a moment and shake a leg. Make a fun dance playlist, maybe a couple of happy songs and groove to the tune with your family. You can end this little time with some slow love songs to dance with your better half while the kids carry on with their shenanigans.
  • And to end this lovely day on a good note, sit together as a family and have a great meal.

However you decide to celebrate, I hope February 14 brings more love into your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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