Our marriage is over: Vahbiz Dorabjee confirms that she and hubby Vivian Dsena have parted ways

Our marriage is over: Vahbiz Dorabjee confirms that she and hubby Vivian Dsena have parted ways

"Vivian is a closed chapter and we have both moved on."

While rumours of their separation were circulating for quite some time now, the truth is finally out in the open that Madhubala fame actor Vivian Dsena is parting ways with his wife of three years Vahbiz Dorabjee.

Initially, there were reports that the two are trying to make it work. Vahbiz had even tweeted saying that it is a personal matter and not up for debate.

"It is strictly between Viv & Me. We need our space. Every marriage goes through ups and downs. We are dignified people and please don't make it ugly. I request the media to please stop taking advantage of the situation and cooking up cheap stories," she had said at that time.

However, in her recent interview with the Times of India, Vahbiz has now confirmed that the couple has indeed parted ways and are heading for a divorce.


"Vivian is a closed chapter and we have both moved on. There is nothing to be said about our relationship now. Of course, I'll be cordial with him if we bump into each other, but that's about it; the marriage is over. We are both very busy with our work and our careers are our priority now," she told the Times of India.

Vahbiz had taken a break from work when she got married as she wanted to focus on her relationship. However, this does not mean that her career took a backseat because Vivian was more popular than her and had become a rage with the serial Madhubala.

"I have known Vivian for six years. I dated him for three years and have been married to him for three years. After we got married, I decided to give time to my husband and marriage rather than spend long hours at work. So, it was a conscious decision to not focus on my career at that time. There was no question of feeling demotivated because I was Vivian's biggest support at that point. The fact that we are not together has nothing to do with his career or mine. When you are married, you don't feel insecure about your husband's success; you will actually be proud of it," she says.

Moving on after a divorce

Vahbiz says that she would, of course, be cordial with Vivian after the separation, which is how it should be. While it really depends on the kind of rift that led to the separation, there are ways in which a couple can make sure that they have a peaceful separation:

1.Keep the emotions out: As far as possible, keep your emotions in control and do not make a hue and cry of every small matter. This would only turn things ugly.

2. Respect each other: No matter how bitter things turn between the two of you respect each other as individuals and always stay in control in front of outsiders.

3. Don't end it on a sad note: You have no doubt spent a considerable amount of time with your partner and for those times sake, stay positive and do not end your relationship on a sad note. If you've loved your partner at some point in time, he deserves at least some love and respect.

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