Batch of pentavalent vaccine banned following infant death in Maharashtra

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A 2-month-old girl in Maharashtra died after being administered the pentavalent vaccine

After a 2-month-old girl died in Ratnagiri following administration of pentavalent vaccine, Maharashtra health department has banned a particular batch of the vaccine that was launched in November 2015, reports The Times Of India.

Health centres have been instructed not to use vaccines from the particular batch till they are found to be safe. 

The infant in Ratnagiri died on December 9 at 6.50 pm. She was vaccinated the same day at 10 am. The Adverse Effects Following Immunisation (AEFI) committee will also look into what caused the child’s death. The reasons could vary from bad vaccine quality to some already existing complications in the child’s health.

According to the health department’s report released in May 2015, immunization deaths rose to 33 in 2009-10 from 26 in 2008-09.

In 2010, 128 children died due to AEFI, the report says, quoting the Union Health Ministry’s statistics procured under RTI.

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