7 things mums should keep in mind for the baby's first vaccination

7 things mums should keep in mind for the baby's first vaccination

Vaccines ensure that your bub has immunity against serious illnesses. However, the first doctor visit takes some preparation. Here are 7 things you should do for the first vaccination.

Yesterday, we took our bub for his vaccination. The earlier ones were given when he was born, so this was the first visit to the doctor's office where he would get his jabs. Needless to say, we were worried about his crying! After all, what parent would be able to see his 6 weeks old crying his lungs out?

While this cannot be avoided, there are certain things you can do to plan this doctor's visit better.

Here are seven things you should do for the visit.

1# Take half a day off

Traffic in India is unpredictable.in addition,you never know what will cause a delay at the doctor's office. So take half a day off and take someone with you for the visit. Never go to the first visit alone! You won't know what help you may need!

2# Pack an extra everything for the visit

You must have packed your diaper bag for the visit. Make sure that you have an extra bodysuit, swaddle, towel, wipes, diapers. A plastic bag would come handy in case the baby soils his clothes.

You can also carry a soother or a pacifier. There is no firm stand by the doctors on the use of a soother, but it comes in handy to distract the baby during the shots. Make sure to follow the safety check before you use one.

3# Plan to reach early for the appointment

It is important to reach the doctor's office at least half an hour before the appointment. The baby may get upset due to the new surroundings and might need a feed. You do not want to take a wailing baby in the doctor's office.

4# Dress him appropriately for the vaccination

Your baby is sensitive to the temperature he is exposed to. It would change a lot from your home to the doctor's office. It is a great idea to dress him in a body suit that exposes his thighs. Add extra layers of swaddles in case he gets cold.

It has been my observation that the baby will be less fussy if he receives vaccination when he is just awake as against when he is wide awake. You would have to remove the extra layer of cloth. It will take away the element of surprise!

5# Feed the baby before leaving for the appointment

Feeding the baby just before you leave would pacify him and he will sleep peacefully.

If you are using a car seat, keep him in it till the injections are given.

If the doctor inspects him first and then you have to wait for the injections, as was our case, put him again in the car seat. Car seat doubles up as a swing and he will go to sleep faster.

Read on to find out more

6# Find a room to change and feed the baby

Once you reach, do two things. Take a seat away from the blast of the AC. Find a corner seat so that you would not be disturbed by other patients.

Next, find out if there is a feeding or a changing room in the doctor's office. You can call ahead and ask. If there is none, you can feed using a shroud or carry a bottle of feed with you.

7# After the injections, feed the baby again to pacify him

This is the most painful part and makes even the toughest dads cry. But, this is all happening for the good of the baby. So we have to endure the pain of seeing him cry.

He would be soothed the best by feeding him. He will take a short supper and go back to sleep. The other alternative is again a pacifier. See what works for you!

Discussion with the doctor

This is the most important part of the visit. The doctor will assess the growth of the baby, take some measurements and answer all your questions. Go prepared with whatever you have observed, be it the tiny smile he gives before he passes the wind to the rash that may have appeared on his bum.

Remember to discuss these things with the doctor

  • Growth of the baby till the date
  • Optional vaccines that your child may need
  • Milestones reached and what to expect

Don't forget to tell him what a brave boy he is after the injections!

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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