Useful tips: How to nurse when wearing your baby

Useful tips: How to nurse when wearing your baby

Jasmine Tan-Tai, Singapore-based baby-wearing educator, lists some useful tips on how to nurse when wearing your baby. Here's how you can do it

For most mothers, nursing outside the house can be a bit challenging. But if your child is over three months, and is able to manage her own body weight, you can nurse her in a carrier also.

If you are using a buckle and carrier, make sure it fulfills the following criteria:

  • The baby should be over 3 months
  • The baby should have a good latching capability
  • The baby should have stringer neck control

Jasmine Tan-Tai, baby-wearing educator, lists some tips to breastfeeding when wearing your baby:

  • Every carrier has a personal fit adjuster on the shoulder pads. So lower your baby by releasing the adjuster buckle. Because babies develop good neck control by this time, you can shake them down and place them close to your breasts.
  • Try to wear nursing-friendly tops when you head out so you can easily nurse her once you have her in that position.
  • Once you are done, always make sure you put your baby back in the first position.

Take a look at her video:

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