Useful tips: Baby massage technique for constipation and gas

Useful tips: Baby massage technique for constipation and gas

Use this simple massage technique to relieve your baby from constipation and gas

Babies often go through bouts of constipated phases. And one of the best remedies to relieve them off constipation and gas is to use a special baby massage technique.

  • To use the following baby massage technique, begin by readying a baby oil and use friction to warm it in your hands
  • Place your hands over the tummy and circle two or three fingers around the navel. This is especially helpful for babies who have digestive issues and discomfort
  • Move your hands in a nice and slowly clockwise direction
  • Now use your hand and move it up and then paddle it down. Do the same on the other side
  • Now, circulate your fingers making an 'I,' 'L' and 'U' on the baby's tummy
  • Take your thumbs and give a little stretch across and outside the navel
  • Pick up the baby's legs and move them in a rotating direction

These various massage techniques can easily relieve the baby from constipation and gas:

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Deepshikha Punj

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