4 ways to use ajwain seeds to soothe cough and cold in babies and kids

Thymol in ajwain seeds is loaded with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can be useful in relieving congestion and cold.

As Indian mothers, we all know about the numerous ways in which ajwain seeds can boost your health after pregnancy and delivery. I myself had ajwain water for two months after I gave birth to my daughter.

But, the benefits do not end there. Thymol in ajwain seeds is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tussive, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can be useful in relieving congestion and cold, especially in small kids and babies, say studies.

How to use ajwain seeds to soothe cough and cold

Here are a few ways in which ajwain seeds can be used in various ways to soothe your child's cough and cold.

1. Gur (jaggery) and ajwain mixture

This remedy helps soothe a cough and expel the phlegm, which can keep your child up at night.

How to use: Take a mortar and pestle and crush a few roasted ajwain seeds. Mix it with equal amounts of gud/jaggery and give it to your child thrice every day. Remember this remedy is only for babies older than a year.

2.Ajwain potli

This remedy works exceptionally well for newborns and babies smaller than a year. I remember whenever my daughter had a congested nose or bad cold, my mother would ask me to keep a small potli of roasted ajwain seeds next to her pillow as these magical seeds are excellent to relieve a congested nose and clear the sinuses.

You can also apply the warm potli to your child's chest like a hot compress. It works really well to clear congestion and help soothe a wet cough.

How to use: Roast about 2 tablespoons of ajwain seeds in a dry tava or pan for a few minutes till the seeds let out their menthol-like aroma.

Take a muslin cloth and transfer the seeds to it. Next, carefully tie it into a nice potli and use it as a compress or just keep it next to your baby's nose while he's sleeping.

3. Ajwain seeds infused mustard oil for massage

This is something I learned from my mother. She would ask me to heat a handful of ajwain seeds in a cup of mustard oil and massage my daughter with it as the magical potion helped keep cold, congestion and other winter viral ailments at bay.

This remedy can also be tried for small babies. However, make sure to use a little oil at first to see that your baby does not develop an allergy to it.

How to use: Heat a cup of mustard oil in a kadhai till it is piping hot. Add about one teaspoon of ajwain seeds to the oil and let the mixture heat till the fumes emanate. Let it cool and transfer the content to a glass bottle. Use this oil to massage your baby before bath every morning.

You can also heat the oil a little before a massage or just take a few drops of the mixture and rub it into your hands to make it a little warm.

4. Ajwain water

Another way you can reap the benefits of these magical seeds is by using ajwain water to soothe cough and cold in babies. However, this remedy once again can't be used for babies younger than a year.

How to use: Boil a tablespoon of ajwain seeds in half a liter of water and let it boil. Cool and give two to three tablespoons of this concoction to your baby four-five times a day to soothe his cough.

Advisory: Make sure to consult your doctor if you are using Ajwain seeds for your baby for the first time. 

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