Up, close and personal with Mommy Influencer Neha Kare, founder of the FB group MUMO Mumbai Moms

Up, close and personal with Mommy Influencer Neha Kare, founder of the FB group MUMO Mumbai Moms

An idea that transformed into a powerful Facebook community, MUMO Moms is the brainchild of Neha Kare Kanabar. We caught up with the mommy influencer for a heart-to-heart conversation

63,337 members and counting! It's the largest Indian mommy community on Facebook and one that is not there for entertainment or sharing jokes on social media.

MUMO Mumbai moms is a Facebook mommy group that is there to make a difference and helping as many mothers as they can in the process. An active Facebook community of “mothers of Mumbai “with a mission of giving mothers “the well deserved break.”

An idea that got transformed into a powerful Facebook community, MUMO Moms is the brainchild of Neha Kare Kanabar and was founded in May 2014. In a short span of two years, the MUMO community has quickly become Mumbai’s largest mommy community. They also have close to 98 MUMO WhatsApp groups that operate in the different areas of Mumbai.

theindusparent caught up with the founder of MUMO Mumbai moms, Neha Kare Kanabar for a tête–à–tête.

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What motivated you to start MUMO Mumbai moms? Were you expecting it to be one of the biggest Indian Mommy groups on FB?

What motivated to start something like MUMO Mumbai Moms was a very selfish reason. It was my personal need for a break, to meet like-minded people and to socialise out of my work circle, if not more at least once a month!

It was on 14th June 2014 that I opened this idea to some known and unknown people when I discovered that it wasn't just me but many more, especially moms who were looking out for something similar! A happy mother can only raise happy kids.

This was the thought behind the conceptualisation of MUMO- Mumbai Moms. Riddhima Chopra was the first mother who joined MUMO and believed in this dream.

No doubt that this was the much awaited concept by MOMS of 21st century and also had an uniqueness of making the virtual world meet the real world. Being in a niche domain we had our share of apprehensions but yes I personally believe in either being the best in any domain or not to be there at all.

MUMO is today India largest and fastest growing community with more than 61000 moms of Mumbai with us. After seeing a grand success of MUMO, lots of mothers from different cities have approached us to start a similar group for their respective cities.

And that made us Create UNIMO-“For all the moms of this Universe”. UNIMO aspires to make World a smaller and more connected place for Mothers. UNIMO now has recently started two more chapters other than MUMO –which are INMO Indore Moms (11000 moms) ,PUMO Pune Moms (3000 Moms) and BENMO Bengaluru Moms of 1000 plus moms. All Put together we are touching around 76000 plus moms in just two years .

How has motherhood changed you and how does it feel sharing your experiences with other mothers?

I was a boss lady/creator/innovator/performer in past and now mommy all the time. I have a different purpose now, and being a mom has changed the way I look at everything. Plus, having twins have altogether changed my perspective, I forgive and forget, I smile on silly things, nothing seems impossible to me today.

I still remember when my boys were very young, one use to tug on my leg and I use to bounce another one in my arms and attend calls on my phone. If I can manage all that at that time, nothing seems difficult today. Life is doubly more blessed with twins and twice more interesting — and fun!"

Now when I see any mom complaining about how occupied she is with one little baby and no full time job- I say gimme more. I really get impressed with these new mommies who attend MUMO events without fail at times also with their 5-month-old babies and yeah travelling at length.We women are engineered beautifully but if we don’t stretch we RUST!

MUMO organises quite a few Mommy meet and greets to engage mothers. How do you come up with these ideas and how is the response from everyone?


MUMO has created a place in heart of Mumoians because of these beautiful events. We have Grand meets planned once every month which are attended by approximately 250-300 mothers. These grand meets are conducted in different locations of Mumbai & outskirts- we make mothers travel from South Mumbai to Yeoor, Nariman Point to Tikona.

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Till now we have done around 24 Grand Meets which are very unique meet ups –versatile events like Bollywood theme party, Family Carnival, Masquerade party for Couples, Panel Discussions with Celebrity Moms, Karwachauth & Pre Diwali Bash, for Bringing Back the spark in your married life, Pop up Bazar, DDLJ @ Maratha Mandir with attendees dressed as DDLJ characters, Exhibitions, Go Green Alfresco with Mommy and Baby , Overnight Barbeque Camp , and even Greece trip with our girls.

Apart from Grand Meet, every month we also do numerous sub meets which are area wise meet ups of smaller groups. You name it and we have it –the most unique events in India.

How does it feel like being a "mommy influencer"? Any experiences that touched you and left you overwhelmed?

Don’t know whether I consider myself as a mommy influencer or not but yes UNIMO has touched lives of many people. My fellow community members have been very generous in supporting me in every endeavour I take. I have a strong team of 83 Moms who volunteer selflessly; all of them are great influencers and inspiring group leaders.

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Every day here is a new learning experience. Some anecdotes which are closer to my heart are: One where a mom needed a rare blood group for her ailing husband and within 3 hours there were 35 blood donors from MUMO & their relatives by her side.

Our visit to a senior citizen home & spending time with them was also something which I will never ever forget. Unfortunately one very young mom in our group lost her husband and her parents were far away, unknown mumoians gathered by her side in no time.

I still remember a very old South Indian Mumoian who has sent me her mouthwatering munchies at my place insisting me to accept those as a token of gratitude and when I refused she said “Beta mera ghar MUMO ke karan chalta hai”! These incidents make you speechless.

One MUMO Mom got herself inked with MUMO logo –it was unbelievable and a very emotional moment, isn’t it something every Brand strives & aspire for?

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How do you maintain work life balance and deal with your kids? 

I am in a full-time job-professionally working as National Sales Capability Head for a liquor giant and personally I am a full time wife to my hubby and mom to my twin sons Vyom & Ved who are 9-years-old now. I have 14 years of experience in Training & Development, mainly is the domain of Sales & Personal branding and my job involves extensive travelling.

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I am a Radio Jockey by passion, have worked for Vividh Bharti AIR . I love that I can set my own schedule, even though it's a crazy one. I operate on a 24-hour clock where I fit in all facets of my life. First what keeps me going is me being a woman. Research states that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Second it’s my belief in living a brain healthy lifestyle.

To live a brain healthy life–we should keep our brain active as well as be socially active. Oftentimes, we become more isolated as we get older. Human beings are highly social creatures. We don’t thrive in isolation, and neither do our brains. So go, connect, take a break!

Any message for mom-preneurs who're also itching to do something like this?

Mompreneurs is such a powerfully coined term because it has MOM in it. And so my message is specifically not just for Mom-preneurs but for all the moms of the world.

Whatever field you choose, whatever excites you, whatever you like—do that. Become self-sufficient, gain more confidence and have a degree of independence, whether it is financial or psychological.

Remember that just by starting any kind of professional engagement you will become more empowered and all the work that you do will directly benefit/inspire your own family, the customers that you have chosen to work for and the team of people who work with you.

Today it’s possible to do magical things sitting at home, explore social media, invest in Learning & Development, Focus on Personal branding , Attend networking events and Read how things work ?

This is the TIME !

You can access the FB group MUMO Mumbai Moms by clicking here.

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