Unlike most star wives Kiran Rao has quite a unique equation with hubby Aamir Khan

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"What most keeps us together is our value system," says Kiran Rao about her strong marriage to superstar Aamir Khan.

Actor Aamir Khan is often called 'Mr Perfectionist,' while his wife Kiran Rao is hailed as his 'silent force.' Together the two have sailed through a challenging journeys, including that of becoming parents to son Azaad.

Many of you may know that Kiran suffered a miscarriage, post which the couple decided to opt for IVF surrogacy.

In fact, during an interview Khan revealed, "Being a parent is one of the biggest joys that you can experience in life. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who are unable to have a child for various reasons, maybe medical reasons. And to give these people hope and to bring joy in their lives, in the form of a child through IVF, or surrogacy is something that has really impacted lives. So the work she (Dr Firuza Parikh) has done is commendable, she is really brought joy to so many lives." 

Rao is 'Mrs Perfectionist' for a reason!

But parenting a son and living a life as husband and wife is not the only thing they love to do together.

Apparently, Rao has now turned a producer and she has turned out to the actual Mr Perfectionist in Khan's life. Unlike most star wives, Rao has a unique role in Khan's life and juggles between being his wife, a mum and also his boss!

At a recent press session about their movie together (Rao as producer and Khan as the actor), Rao revealed that she plays a major role in helping Khan take new projects.

Talking about their new movie called Secret Superstar, Rao said, "I had told Aamir not to do the role because the character was creepy. But he was so good that I had to agree."

Of course, even Mrs Perfectionist cannot resist the talent and charm of her husband and inadvertently ends up praising him.

Rao is very much in love

We can't blame her, the two continue to be very much in love. In fact, the happy family of three recently went on a family holiday and their pictures speak for themselves.


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While talking about their strong marriage, Rao recently revealed that Khan's civility and core value system attracts her towards him.

"He is driven and intense"

"I was attracted to his sense of humour and his knowledge and the way he looks at things. What most keeps us together is our value system. For instance, both of us are not very interested in our work and enjoy that. Both of us have a sense of rooting in community and have a strong civic sense and being a part of civil society. We both get affected by a certain kind of politics or intolerance. Aamir is able to get lost in what he is doing, which I am unable to," she shared.

"He is driven and intense but is also fun and is one of the most relaxed people I know," she added.


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She also revealed that after just one year of living together, the couple decided to get married because of two reasons.

"One, I wanted my parents to feel comfortable and also being the celebrity he is it was easier to just be legally conjoined as it takes the greyness out of the picture. Also, as a girlfriend, people did not know how to treat me. For instance if you go to an event as a wife you are treated a certain way but as a partner, they don't know what to do with you," she shared.

Their bond is a clear indication that their relationship is founded on friendship and such a partnership can go a long way.

3 things that happen when your partner is your best friend

  • They can bring out the best in you: Being friends with your partner allows you to be yourself more confidently. When you spend time with such a partner, you feel good about yourself because they are not afraid to praise and support you. This results in you being a better version of yourself.
  • You are each other's cheerleader: All of us need somebody to cheer for us. Having somebody who believes in us and encourages us to keep moving on, no matter what, helps to bring out the best in us. Such partners keep us grounded and closer to reality.
  • You are completely truthful: When you have a partner who is more of a buddy, you don't have to bother about fake compliments. Your partner would only want what's best for us and will guide you to be a better version of ourself. So yes, if you have such a partner, be prepared to get an honest answer to "Am I looking fat today!"

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