From Ziva to Aaradhya and Adira: 10 Unique baby girl names of Bollywood celebs

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If you too are having a tough time deciding on what to name your baby girl, here are 10 unique names of Bollywood star daughters and what they mean.

What’s in a name! Well about everything! A name is not something by which your friends or parents call you. In fact it is your identity and something that people remember you by.

New parents are always in a fix when it comes to naming their baby, whether a boy or a girl. While every parent wants to have a unique and lucky name for his baby, some Bollywood celebs have taken an extra step and given their baby girls some extraordinary names that have even better meanings.

If you too are having a tough time deciding on what to name your baby girl, here are 10 unique baby girl names of Bollywood stars and what they mean:

1. Aaradhya Bachchan

Aaradhya became perhaps the most popular star kid even before she turned one and naming her took a lot of time. The media and fans had to wait for a month after her birth (November 15, 2011) when the the family patriarch Amitabh Bachchan took to social media to announce the name of his grand daughter as “Aaradhya”.


Thank you @fifipewz for making this beautiful painting. #fathersanddaughters

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Aaradhya means one who is worshipped and finds its origin in sanskrit. So if you want a traditional name for girl, this is the name you should go for.

2. Adira Chopra

Rani Mukherji and Aditiya Chopra have named their daughter Adira, which they formed from their initials Adi and Ra. However, Adira also finds origin in Greek and it means “strong” in that language. Adira was born in December 2015.

3. Ziva Dhoni

India’s most favourite cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni named his daughter Ziva. Ziva was born in Feb 2015.


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His wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni had taken to twitter to announce the birth of their daughter and tweeted: “Welcome to the world beautiful Ziva! Mumma and Daddy adore you! Thanks for all of the well wishes! (sic). Originally a Hebrew name, Ziva means radiance, brilliance, light or brightness.”

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4. Arya Hayden 

Diana Hayden, who was in the news after she became mother to a beautiful girl through eggs she had frozen eight years back, has named her girl Arya and it was her husband Collin who chose that name.

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“Collin and I had agreed that whoever comes up with a better name will get the honour of naming her and we kept throwing names across. He came up with Arya, which means nobility and I just loved it. Plus, it’s a very strong name with Indian roots,” she said in an interview to Times of India.

5. Samaya Swaroop

Actress Rageshwari Loomba was blessed with a baby girl this March.

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The actress  has named her daughter Samaya Swaroop which means timeless, sacred pledge and one who rules hearts. The name finds origin in  Sanskrit and Buddhist. 

6. Ameyaa Nirvana Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi welcomed his daughter with wife Priyanka Alva Oberoi in November 2015.

vivek oberoi with family

The couple chose the name from the sacred text, Lalita Sahasranama which contains 1008 names of goddesses. “Ameyaa means, she who is limitless, while Nirvana, which was taken from Bhagavad Gita, means the embrace of the Universe.”

7. Saira Bhupathi

Born in January 2012, Lara Dutta Bhupathi’s daughter is named Saira and it is derived from Arabic and Hebrew. It means princess in Hebrew and bird in Arabic. The little girl is four-year-old now and quite an adorable girl, we must say!


Flutter byes!!! :-))

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8. Rasha Thadani

Raveena Tandon’s daughter is named Rasha, which means ‘Young Gazelle’ in Arabic. She was born in the year 2005.

Raveena Tandon


9. Reene and Alisah Sen

The hottest single mother of Bollywood Sushmita Sen has named her adopted daughters as Renee and Alisah. And the names are as beautiful as the Former Miss Universe. While Renee means to be reborn, Alisah is a German name, which means noble.



10. Akira and Shakya Akhtar

Director and actor Farhan Akhtar, who just parted ways with his wife Adhuna this year, had named his daughters Shakya and Akira.

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Shakya means ‘energy circle’ (a form of Chakra) in Sanskrit while Akira means ‘intelligent’ in Japanese. Farhan’s favourite director is also Akira Kurusawa. His second daughter’ is named Shakya that means a “circle of energy”.

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