Ultrasound pictures of ‘demon’ watching over the unborn foetus scares netizens

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A scary ultrasound of a demon watching over the unborn foetus is making netizens crazy. Here's why

A terrifying ultrasound image has gone viral after it was posted on Imgur (photo sharing website). The seemingly normal looking ultrasound image looks fine at first, but when you look closely, it has a ‘demonic’ figure overlooking the unborn feotus.

This image was taken on June 26, 2015, but was only posted online on January 1, 2016, and has already caused a stir in the social media circuits. User named ‘Luigivampa-Over9000,’ who is a friend of the mother, posted the image.

Once the post was shared, a barrage of comments were shared by mostly terrified netizens. However, there were some who probably saw an angel or god instead of the demon.

watching an unborn feotus

The ultrasound image take in June last year shows a ‘demonic’ figure watching over the unborn feotus

While Jenn O’Carroll says, “looks more like a [H]indu god to me.. or perhaps a [B]uddah. Maybe the kid’s gonna be blessed instead.“

Marysboychild also didn’t find a demon in the picture, “I see a goodhearted woman looking after her child.”

Hypochindriac, however, most definitely saw a demon and commented, Well that [expletive deleted] actually scared me. Had to check my room with the phone’s light just to make sure there wasn’t anybody here.”

On reportedly being quizzed by netizens about the wellbeing of the mother and the child, the user explained, “Everything is fine now. The baby was premature by two months.”

The user also explained that the family inquired about this strange figure from the technician who took the test, but they didn’t know what to say.

‘They asked the tech who did the ultrasound what it was – they didn’t really have an answer besides they haven’t seen something like that before. Kinda an interesting story with a photo to go along,” explains Luigivampa-Over9000.

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