Just two months after giving birth Lisa Haydon is back to her pre-baby body

Just two months after giving birth Lisa Haydon is back to her pre-baby body

Lisa Haydon stunned everybody with her appearance just two months after delivery. And, she looks smoking hot!

Is new mum Lisa Haydon living in a parallel universe where nobody gains any weight even after delivering a baby? Well, it sure looks like it.

Because just two months after giving birth to her son Zach Lalvani, Haydon was back to work on the red carpet and looked just as svelte as she did before her pregnancy.

Don't believe us? Then take a look at her most recent picture.


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Lisa stuns everybody in her svelte avatar

The yummy mummy who has always been svelte gave birth to Zach on May 17, and announced the happy news via her Instagram account.

She even shared a rather sweet photograph of the new parents with their little bub coming out of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London, UK (last image below).

Since then, Haydon has kept herself and her baby away from the public eye, giving us just glimpses of her life as a new mother. But she made the big reveal when she attended the prestigious amfAR event in Paris.

Needless to say, the gorgeous new mum looks jaw-dropping good. Dressed in a gorgeous Alexander Vauthier red gown with thigh-high slits, the new mum stole the show and perhaps many hearts too!

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However, before you judge her slim figure, let us remind you that Lisa has always had a skinny frame and she has reiterated many times that that was her 'normal.'

"Bullying and body shaming is so upsetting when you’re younger, because you don’t have the same perspective to deal with it. At that time, I used to try to eat more rice and bread to be of a ‘normal weight’ like everyone else. But we’re all built differently. Normal for me was thin as a kid. Nothing would change that," she told a daily in an interview about her svelte body.

Travelling with Zach

Painting the town red, the new parents have been travelling with their little one. In fact, Lisa posted a picture of two and shared: "(heart-shaped emoticon) before we run home to (emoticon of baby milk bottles) #AmfarParis (sic)."

Clearly, their priority was to rush back home to feed their baby, just as any parent would. But even so, Lisa maintains that her life has not changed much, post marriage as well as post pregnancy.

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"Nothing changed after marriage. I have an amazing husband who backs me up in every way and I went straight back to my work commitments. What’s changed things now is my pregnancy. But maternity leave has been awesome so far. It’s like this enforced holiday. I know I’ll be raring to get back to work after we have our baby," she said in the interview.

Lisa has been working slowly through her pregnancy as well. She shot for Elle magazine's cover recently and looked smoking hot.

"Thank you team Elle for putting me on your body issue cover.. morphing into the most exciting shape of my life!! This is my favourite cover till date because my baby made it on as well. So many fun memories with you guys!," she wrote on her Instagram as well.

How does Haydon maintain her sexy avatar?

So if you're wondering how she maintains her svelte figure! Well, the answer is a combination of clean healthy food as well as some good old Pilates. Here's a sneak peek of her exercise routine.

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But don't be swayed by the change (not so much) you see on Haydon.

She is a professional model and the primary requirement of her job is to maintain a svelte figure. Many women bounce back into their pre-baby body and some become even thinner and healthier with time.

If you need some real mum motivation and tips on how to look your 'normal' svelte self, read this mum's inspirational story.

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