Twinkle Khanna's special healthy diet is something all mums must try NOW!

Twinkle Khanna's special healthy diet is something all mums must try NOW!

Twinkle Khanna recently revealed that she micromanages food for every member of the house to ensure that they get their daily dose of nutrition

The stunning Twinkle Khanna dons many hats. She is a working mother who dabbles a successful interior design career with a full-fledged writing career and not to forget, she is a bonafide star married to another bonafide star!

So how does she manage all of this and still look radiant every time she steps out? Well, her secret is finally out and it has something to do with her eating habit.

Yes, you read it right.

At a recent public event for a gourmet food store, she revealed that she micromanages food for every member of the house to ensure that they get their daily dose of nutrition, this includes her and Akshay Kumar's meal plans as well.

"Believe it or not, I actually have a colour-coded excel sheet divided into breakfast (with options), snacks that go into the lunch box, and dinner choices. I take everyone’s preferences and list them on a document," she told Vogue magazine.

Hers is certainly a brilliant idea for working mums who may not have enough time to discuss food choices everyday. All you have to do is spend sometime together with your family, during the weekend and plan out the week's food.

But she had some more golden rules on how mums can maintain a fit body and manage everything else with ease.

#1 Getting the kids involved in meal planning

This micromanaging has helped her kids get into a habit of eating healthy and Khanna says that even they are very much involved in identifying and listing only healthy choices in their meal plan.

"My son who is 14 years old is extremely clear about what he wants to eat. He has peculiar tastes and eating habits. He can’t eat dairy, so he will get himself almond milk. He joined a gymnastics class where they put him on a gluten-free diet and he came back and told me, “Mom, I feel like I can think better”. So obviously gluten-free suits him well," she said.

Continue reading to see some amazing cooking hacks Twinkle Khanna suggested for all Indian mums! 

#2 Use easy cooking hacks: Twinkle Khanna

Mrs Funnybones prefers all-natural and healthy alternatives to the regular food items available in the market. But there are a few cooking hacks she swears by that any Indian mum can use in her kitchen.

Some of these were downright amazing and completely doable!

"Sometimes kids want a hamburger, but I’ll fill it up with a quinoa tikki. We eat makhana instead of popcorn, we even take it to the movie theater! I also mash up a lot of vegetables and put it in the aata, so they don’t realise they are eating vegetables," she suggests.

#3 Balance work and health with smartness

Talking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Khanna shared some pearls of wisdom that can be applicable to all mothers.

"It is very important to maintain a balance even there. Sometimes I do give into a scoop of sitaphal ice cream from Naturals or a chocolate chip cookie," she said while explaining that it's 'okay' to indulge once in a while, but smartly.

As for her fit physique and stamina to work round the clock, she says that while she isn't in the habit of going to the gym, she does to go for walks. Isn't that something all Indian would rather prefer? Seems like Khanna is just like any other regular mum.

"After sitting for two to three hours at a stretch, my feet just swell up. So I try to walk as much as I can. Gyms bore me, so I prefer going for walks," she shares.

#4 Manage everything with some balance!

Khanna also shared that it is possible to manage everything a mother has to do in a day, only if you knew how to balance it all out. By simply doing a few things, you can actually train your mind to be calm and handle any difficult situation with ease.

"I start my day with a hot water and lemon routine. I meditate. And I take my problems lightly, like my mother always said treat them like helium balloons and let them go. I devour a lot of books to feed my mind," she shares.

Well, her pearls of wisdom sure look easy and regular to follow. No wonder then, she is able to dabble so many jobs, just as all Indian mums do!

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