Twinkle Khanna's daughter Nitara is a little Picasso. Here's proof!

Twinkle Khanna's daughter Nitara is a little Picasso. Here's proof!

Check out Nitara's painting that Mummy Twinkle posted on Instagram!

We all know that Twinkle and Akshay Kumar's daughter Nitara is a cutie just like her mother. However, there are many other things about the little munchkin that would make you sit up and say WOW!

Yes, that's right. Not only has the little girl inherited her mother's good looks, but also has some creativity in her blood just like her super talented parents. Don't believe us? Look at this incredible painting done by Nitara on Wednesday. Twinkle couldn't stop raving about the artwork and also called her little girl a "budding Picasso". Check it out!


Early morning painting with my budding Picasso - Guggenheim here we come ! #mommyduties

A photo posted by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on

It's interesting to see that mummy Twinkle pays a lot of attention to her kids and makes sure that she monitors their diet, homework, and also extra-curricular activities. Like Akshay, Twinkle also pays a lot of emphasis on her kids being more outdoors so that they can burn all the restless energy they have. Here's a video that she posted last month which has Aarav playing in the garden with a leftover plastic sheet.


Twinkle has also mentioned in the past that she is too particular of what food her kids take in their lunchboxes.

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“Believe it or not, I actually have a colour-coded excel sheet divided into breakfast (with options), snacks that go into the lunch box, and dinner choices. I take everyone’s preferences and list them on a document,” she told Vogue magazine.


Let me count the ways I love you .. It's a lot more than just two

A photo posted by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on

However, that doesn't mean that Twinkle is a helicopter parent. She says that she follows the lazy parenting style, but not in the complete sense.

"It's more like lazy parenting and it is more about letting my kids discover and controlling my urge to pick up after them and make sure that everything is perfect. My parenting style is about them being dirty sometimes as it does not matter, it's about them falling down and more about them discovering themselves," she said in an interview.

Encouraging your child to be creative

Like Twinkle, it is very important for parents to encourage their kids to discover themselves and be more creative. That does not mean that you start taking painting classes with your child, but doing certain things that encourages them to do their own thing:

1. Let them find answers to their own questions: Don't be ready to help your kids by answering all the questions that they have. Let them explore and find answers themselves and ask them for their own opinion.

2. Tell them that trying is more important than the result: If your child has taken on something, don't pressurise him to be the best in the group. Instead encourage him even when he lags behind the others and tell him that it is important to participate.

3. Create a friendly atmosphere at home: If you do not participate in the activities, it is possible that your child does not feel motivated to pursue them after some time. Participate in the activities and, if possible, put yourself in their shoes and do it like they would do it to encourage them. For example, if your child likes dancing but is hesitant to perform in front of an audience, practice with him at home to ease his fears.

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