Mum Twinkle Khanna is popular as a ‘savage’ among son Aarav’s friends!

Mum Twinkle Khanna is popular as a ‘savage’ among son Aarav’s friends!

Twinkle Khanna gives us kick-ass goals to bond with teenager kids. Here’s more…

Twinkle Khanna, who we have seen donning several hats lately, takes her ‘Mommy Role’ pretty seriously. Be it her tweets about son Aarav or daughter Nitara, she comes across as the perfect mum of a next-gen kid.

In one of her recent interviews, Twinkle Khanna shared that Aarav’s friends call her ‘Savage’.

"I believe it’s a good thing"

Now only a cool mom like Mrs Funnybones can elegantly accept this unique nickname. On being such happening mother she said, “I hope I am. I try to be. Aarav’s friends call me ‘savage’. I believe it’s a compliment in today’s times. It sounds awful, but I believe it’s a good thing. My son says so, at least.”

At the same time, she is also seen fiercely protecting her kids and keeping them away from limelight.

Speaking of this, she added, “See, I am a mother at the end of the day, so it’s my duty to protect my kids. I don’t like putting pictures of either Nitara or Aarav because they might be kids but they also need their privacy. Just because they have a well-known father or others in the family are public figures, you cannot compromise on their privacy. I don’t have issues with people clicking pictures of them when they go out with me. But I will try and keep them away from the limelight till they understand the value and consequences of it themselves.”

Her Twitter account is proof enough of a fantabulous equation that she shares with her 14-year-old son.

Children nowadays have a mind of their own with firm thoughts, unlike kids of earlier generations who questioned less and obeyed their parents.

A ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ approach is rather outdated and parents need to connect with their children, especially teenagers, in a different way.

5 ways you can bond with your teenager

  • Talk to them: Take out time to just chat with your teenager. Make sure you are updated about what they are up to and also share with them about your life. Apart from that, talk to them about a variety of topics. Just chatting with them will help you understand what’s going on in your child’s thought world. Also, understanding and learning their language would help in bridging the gaps.
  • Give them space: Children need their privacy as much as adults do. So some sure shot turn offs for your teenage child would be constantly nagging them, watching their computer or mobile screens over their shoulders, hanging around in the same room while their friends visit and so on. Apart from a healthy communication, becoming gadget friendly yourself, will also help you monitor your child’s activities.
  • Never make comparisons: Belittling your child’s achievements by comparing them with someone else’s is another way to create rift between you and your child. Yet again, communicate what you expect from your child and understand if he or she has any problems.
  • Be firm yet respect their individuality: As parents, it isn’t possible to give in to all your child’s demands. So it is important to be firm and put your foot down, but gently. Showing aggression will not help. At the same time, respecting their individual choices is also important.
  • Travel with them: The best way to bond with your teenager kids is to travel outdoors with them. Spending time away from home will help you understand the way their personality is shaping up.

Strengthen your child’s wings instead of clipping them, and just watch how it helps them soar to great heights.

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