Why Twinkle Khanna is the funniest celeb mother we know!

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Here's proof why she's Mrs Funny Bones in real life as well!

Mrs Funny Bones, aka Twinkle Khanna, has been tickling our bones for quite sometime now. But it looks like the spunky mum of two is as funny in her real life as well.

Recently, she posted a WhatsApp conversation with her son Aarav. The chat happened when Aarav was late for his tuitions and his Maths sir inquired about his whereabouts and whether he would be coming for class.

Aarva replied that he would just be there and was delayed as the driver was not late. To which, twinkle replied that she could have easily dropped him, but Aarav said "Mom, you can't drive".

In her defense, Twinkle said she can drive but doesn't like horns and brakes on the busy roads of Mumbai. Can you beat that!!! Here's the whole conversation that happened on Twitter this Sunday.



However, this is not the only time Twinkle Khanna has amused us with her fabulous sense of humour. Just yesterday the pretty mum had replied to hubby Akshay Kumar's Friendship Day tweet, in which he had posted a really "funny" image of the two of them and said 'You are the star that makes me rock'.


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And Twinkle replied to that Tweet in her remarkable style. Here's what she wrote to her husband:



We totally just love Mrs Funny bones take on everyday happenings of her life. Last week as well she had tweeted that she is being trolled by her daughter and being asked that if her name was actually Twinkle, then why does she not live in the sky!!! Yes, that's true. Here's what Twinkle had tweeted:

We must say that Twinkle definitely knows how to play with words and perhaps her kids has also got a sense of humour as hers.

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