TV couple Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta's Insta PDA will make you hug your spouse now!

TV couple Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta's Insta PDA will make you hug your spouse now!

The couple have been married for eight years now, but looks like their honeymoon phase is still on!

If you are a couple looking to revive your long and boring marriage, we advice that you take some cues from TV's sexiest couple Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta.

The couple have been married for eight years now, but looks like their honeymoon phase is still on! That's what one can feel as you go through their Instagram pictures. The couple, who also have a four year old daughter Meira, still look so much in love that it makes us go awwww! Don't believe us? Check out some of their pictures:


Happy birthday my love , my life , my all ... I love u for all that u are and all that u make me ... @indraneilsengupta

A photo posted by Barkha Sengupta (@barkhasengupta) on

It was Indraneil's birthday on September 8 and Barkha had taken to Instagram to wish her husband and the love of her life in a special way. "Happy birthday my love, my life, my all... I love you all that you are and all that you make me..." She had written along with the picture. Isn't that a sweet way to wish your husband after eight years of marriage?

Keeping it healthy ???? #fitnesspartners #love #togetherineverything @indraneilsengupta

A photo posted by Barkha Sengupta (@barkhasengupta) on

While currently they are not doing any show together, the couple first met each on the show Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Radha Ek Shyam and that's where it all started.

“I don’t know how we started dating. It’s still a mystery to me. We both were so different. I am the jovial and social kind and he is just the opposite. He is the reserved and quiet type. We just got along with each other well during the show and there was nothing romantic about it,” Barkha says.

Besides, being from the same field, there is another thing that the couple have in common-- their passion for fitness. While it is necessary for them to stay fit considering the careers they have chosen, working out together as a couple has its own added benefits and Barkha and Indraneil are a perfect example of the fact that "couples that workout together, stay together". They are often seen sharing their workout selfies. Check this one out!


Keeping it healthy ???? #fitnesspartners #love #togetherineverything @indraneilsengupta

A photo posted by Barkha Sengupta (@barkhasengupta) on

Besides sharing health drinks the couple also don't miss out on opportunities to show their love and affection for each other and they do that in style!

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Acting is certainly a passion that both Barkha and Indraneil share and the two never shy away from expressing their love to each other, even though it's a tad dramatic. Check out this Dubsmash video that Barkha posted last month:


And I got him to do it too @indraneilsengupta ???????? #the things love makes u do #love u baby @dubsmashindia

A video posted by Barkha Sengupta (@barkhasengupta) on

Don't they look cute together? Barkha feels that for them the age-old formula of opposites attract worked and perhaps this is the reason that they have bonded so well over these eight years.

“However, the age old funda of ‘opposites attract’ worked for us. I guess somewhere down the line, both of us are so ‘opposite’ to each other that we did fall for each other. When the show got over and we stopped meeting, it hit us that we need each other. We called each other up again and went for coffee; and then for lunches and dinners, countless times. I guess we were in courtship without even being conscious about it,” she said in an interview.


Missing u ... Come back soon #mumbaicalling #love #instaphoto @indraneilsengupta

A photo posted by Barkha Sengupta (@barkhasengupta) on

Barkha and Indraneil definitely show couples, who've been married together for a long time, to how keep the sparks alive even after 8 years of marriage. Here are some cues that couples are take from them:

1. Do things that you like together: Keeping the sparks alive after a couple of years becomes a task, but it need not be a tedious one. Try doing things that you like together and enjoy the moments with each other just like Barkha and Indraneil.

2. Express your love to each other through small gestures: Expensive rings and gifts are passé. Surprise each other by doing sweet little things that are, perhaps, more expensive than the world's costliest diamonds. Just like Barkha wished her hubby on his birthday.

3. Never shy away from some PDA: Sometimes all spouses need a little extra love and affection in a way that makes them feel special. Leave some love notes and romantic messages for your spouse during the day and think of other innovative ways to express your love to your spouse. Take some cues from Barkha and Indraneil.

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