Want Your Kid To Concentrate Better? Try These Vastu Shastra Tips NOW!

Want Your Kid To Concentrate Better? Try These Vastu Shastra Tips NOW!

Did you know that your house can be at fault if your kid has short attention span? Fret not, try out these amazing vastu tips to increase his concentration and more.

Concentration is the key to excellence. But expecting your child to give in his all while executing a task can be asking for, literally, more. However, did you know that your house could be at fault if your little one is faltering at every step of his learning? That’s why its important to check out some vastu shastra for study room tips. 

vastu shastra for study room

Little changes in your child’s room can go a long way in improving his concentration

While vastu has answers to a lot of questions about ‘what’s wrong with him’, the onus of identifying the problem areas lie with you. According to the science of vastu, the West-SouthWest (WSW) direction of your house is the zone of education. Therefore, the type of objects that you place here might have an impact on your child’s concentration.

Fret not as certain tips from vastu shastra for study room can help you turn around the tables and help your little one concentrate better on what he is doing. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Avoid placing a television in the WSW direction since it is the zone of attraction. Even if your child is trying to concentrate on his studies, his attention will automatically shift towards the television.
  • Having toilets or the colour green in the WSW direction might have a negative effect on your child’s studies. Since a toilet symbolises flushing out the waste, it might programme your child’s thoughts in a way that he starts to think that studies are a waste of time.
  • Having a dressing table in this direction can shift your child’s direction on improving his looks rather than focusing on his studies.
  • Also be careful while positioning your child’s bed. Placing it in the East-SouthEast (ESE) direction can induce anxiety. Sleeping in this zone can make him encounter inner conflicts and self-doubts. The ideal direction for the bed is the WSW. Even the study books placed in ESE direction can lead to poor understanding and retention due to over analysis.

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Prasad Kulkarni

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