True Lies: Busting 7 common Indian baby care myths

True Lies: Busting 7 common Indian baby care myths

Here are 7 common Indian baby care myths and we tell you why you should think twice before following them

There are many Indian baby care myths that are propagated by mid-wives and old grandmothers, but the truth is some of them could be causing your baby more harm than good.

Here are 7 common Indian baby care myths and we tell you why you should think twice before following them.

Myth 1. Newborns should be given honey at the time of birth

Fact: This is something that should be avoided at all costs as honey should never given to babies less than a year old. Science says that honey can lead to botulism in infants as it is proven source of clostridium bacteria that causes it.

Myth 2. Infants should be wrapped tightly to straighten their legs

Fact: While this is a common practice there is not research to back it up. Newborn wrapping might help keep the baby warm and comfortable but the baby should never be wrapped tightly as it might make him uncomfortable.

Swaddling infants with the hips and knees in an extended position may increase the risk of hip dysplasia and dislocation.

Myth 3. Kajal should be applied on the eyes and forehead to ward off the evil eye

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This myth again stems from folklore and there is no study that validates its effectiveness. Kajal can be harmful for your newborns eyes and skin and might lead to an infection.

Many households also use homemade kajal, which they make by keeping a spoon under the candle flame for sometime and apply it on their newborn’s eyes. This should also be avoided as it can be harmful for your child’s eyes.

Myth 4. Breast milk can treat an ear infection

Fact: It’s true that breast milk is loaded with antibodies but they are not antibiotics for sure! So whoever told you to put some breast milk in your baby’s ear to treat an infection, is wrong.

Breast milk might in fact create a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and complicate an existing ear infection. Always consult your doctor if you feel that your baby is in pain or has an ear infection.

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Myth 5. Adding Cerelac to your baby’s feed would make him sleep longer

Fact: You should not be giving solid food and cereals to your newborn for the first six months of his life and should breastfeed him exclusively. Adding rice cereals or Cerelac before the baby is six-months old could be hard for him to digest and might give him a stomach infection

Myth 5. Newborns should not be taken outside in the dark

Fact: This is sadly again a myth. You should take out your baby irrespective of the time of the day as your baby needs fresh air as much as you do. And fret not, there are no evil spirits or ghosts that would harm your child!

Myth 6. Donkey’s milk can boost your child’s immunity

Fact: This myth is mostly common in the south of India and there is no truth in it. Donkey's milk, just like cow's milk, must be avoided and in fact unsafe for your newborn as it might give him a stomach infection.

Myth 7. Teething can cause fevers and diarrhoea

Fact: Teething does not cause any kind of stomach infection or fever and if your teething baby gets sick it could be would be due to something else but teething. Also, babies get a stomach infection when they are teething as they tend to put a number of things in their mouth to soothe their itchy gums.

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