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Did you know, location of the entrance door in SouthWest direction can make your husband suspicious, leading to problems? Read on

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Who doesn’t want harmony, be it at work or house? Of course, it’s the people who ensure that and not the four walls that work towards peace and contentment. However, a place can be in harmony only if it is tolerant and vastu compliant with nature?

Did you know, interaction of the five elements of wood, water, air, space and fire and the 16 mahavastu zones of energy comprise your house? Interestingly, if you change your house setting by fine tuning it with vastu guidance, you can change your life positively.

To keep the balance of energies in home and environment for harmony, here are some useful vastu tips to be considered:

  • Since the main door connects the house energy with universal energy, you must ensure it is in the right place. The north entrance at N4 (north vastu zone) strengthens relationship of the resident with his family and thus, he inherits money. If the main door is in the west at W6 (West-North-West vastu zone), then the resident faces non-fulfillment in relationships leading to depression.
  • If your interpersonal family relationships are not satisfactory, then look carefully at the South-West mahavastu zone. If this zone is over-extended, cut or absent, there will be great difficulties in making and maintaining good relationships. A pair of love-birds placed on the table in this zone will help bring affection and love into your relationships.
  • For trouble with banks and other support systems, including your work partner, check the North-West vastu zone. The north vastu zone governs relationships with customers and clients. To improve your relationship with the government, place the Ashoka pillar on a table in this zone. A smiling, gentle painting of the Sun may be hung seven feet above the floor in this zone, if it is afflicted.
  • To have good, long term domestic help, the south-east vastu zone should be healthy. Keep a picture or flowers in a red vase in this area to attract house help. The North-East imparts mental clarity and promotes a good relationship with divine, universal energy. So, keep the North-East vastu zone in your home clean, uncluttered and meditate and pray there. Your home and you will attract good relationships.

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vastu shastra

Vastu defects at home can create emotional instability which, in turn, lead to misunderstandings and breakups. Follow the vastu do’s and don’ts given below to create a stable and loving married life.

Entrance: Location of the entrance in SouthWest direction creates suspicious nature. Painting a white strip there relaxes the situation.

Bedroom: Bedroom located in East-SouthEast, vastu zone of churning and anxiety, does not allow you to let go of trifle matters and this causes baseless arguments and frequent clashes with spouse. Best would be to shift it to north or SouthWest.

Toilet: Having a toilet in SouthWest zone of the house affects harmony in couples as it is the vastu zone of love and relationships. The solution is to paint the walls of the toilet in yellow colour.

Kitchen: Avoid shades of pink, red and orange as wall paints or curtains in the kitchen if it's in NorthEast, as they will lead to short temperament.

Mirror: Avoid keeping a mirror on wall in SouthWest zone as it increases expectations from partner (mirror effect). Covering it with a cloth offers an easy and practical vastu solution.

In the vastu zone of marriage, which is SouthWest, walls in red, pink and orange create heated arguments whenever the couple tries to spend some loving moments together. The ideal colour would be off-white. To control aggressive behaviour, paint yellow colour in SouthEast vastu zone.

Vastu shastra works and works well! Your home will attract wonderful, fulfilling relationships.

Prasad Kulkarni is a vastu expert and CEO at MahaVastu, Mumbai.

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