Travelling during pregnancy: Be train ready!

Travelling during pregnancy: Be train ready!

Here is a list of things a pregnant woman needs to know before she opts for a train journey

Planning to take the train to your holiday destination during pregnancy? If you are maturing normally, then this is a wise thing to do.

"Train travel does not involve any jerks or winding roads and is hence a preferred mode of transport during pregnancy," says Dr Papia Goswami Mukherjee, consultant gynaecologist, Kumar Clinic, Mumbai. She adds that though the second trimester is the best time to travel, a woman in her first trimester can safely travel by train, if required.

Tips for a safe train travel

  • Book the lower berth or the aisle seat
  • Do not lift heavy baggage while travelling. Try to travel light as much as possible
  • Take care while walking over the stairs leading to the over-bridge
  • Reach before time to settle down comfortably at the station
  • Be extra-cautious while boarding and alighting, especially on the footboard
  • Do not sit on your seat for long hours at a go. Get up often, do stretches. Take support when you do so
  • Take precautions while using toilets. The door of train toilets are usually very heavy. So lock them properly as they tend to bounce back when the train is in motion

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