3 travel tips every single mum can learn from mum Karisma Kapoor

3 travel tips every single mum can learn from mum Karisma Kapoor

From visiting Disneyland to the chilling Alps, roaming around in the streets to biking in the city, this single mum sure knows how to have fun with her kids

Mum Karisma Kapoor recently took to her Instagram account to share some super fun images of herself and her kids, vacationing in Europe.

From what the images say, mum and kids are having a gala time, and looks like ever since the divorce has taken place, mummy Karisma is leaving no opportunity to make the most of her time with the kids.

Single mum Karisma takes off with kids

Upping the fun and glam quotient, the mummy showed her fans and followers that far from getting depressed with the end of a marriage, sometimes, it can be a start to an altogether new and amazing journey of rediscovery with your kids.

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True that most celebrities have a lot of help by their side to see them through the crisis that follows - from supportive parents to a retinue of help and others – there is always someone they can rely on.

But the fact is, end of the day, it is all about how you interact with your kids and make the time is what counts.

Whether you are a single mum who has sole custody of the kids, or whether you have a joint custody and have the kids with you for designated periods, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself stress-free as well as have a great time with your little ones.

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3 ways single mums can plan a vacation with their kids

  • Plan and save: The celebs can afford to dash off to foreign locales and spend without a worry, but not all of us have that ready cash in the bank. The best way to set off for a fun vacation with your kids is to plan in advance and save up for it. Don’t worry if it is not an extravagant destination, the idea is to be together and do fun things.
  • Do a background check: As a single mum traveling with kids, you have to be careful about certain safety pointers about where you are going. For instance, the type of resort or hotel, the area, how well connected it is to surrounding areas and emergency services if anything happens are things you will have to check before you head out. Also, it is best to first go to places that your friends or family have visited so that you get a realistic review.
  • Involve the kids: A divorce has certain emotional effects on you, but it is also true that it does affect the kids in ways that may or may not be seen. Talk to your kids about what they would like to do on the trip. Some kids may want an adventurous vacation, some may want a quieter one, some may have other ideas. Talk to them and involve them in the entire planning process. This will make you more connected and they will feel that you give them enough importance to involve them in such decisions.

Being a single mum can take a toll on your stress levels and emotions, but sometimes, the best cure to beat the blues is to spend some undivided time with your kids, and give yourself a break too.

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