Traditional confinement foods new mums must have

Traditional confinement foods new mums must have

If you're a new mum, then you must try your hand at these super tasty and easy-to-make traditional confinement foods

In India, new mums traditionally go through a phase of confinement. This is a 40-day period after the birth of the new baby, during which the new mum’s food is circumscribed. This means that she must have foods that are considered to be nutritious, aid in faster healing as well as increase breast milk production.

traditional confinement foods

Traditional confinement foods are given to a new mum to help her recover faster and to enable efficient lactation

The purpose of traditional confinement foods is also to help the mother get her pre-pregnancy body back. The flipside of these foods is that most of them are made with ghee and sugar, thereby increasing the calorie intake in a woman. That’s why these foods are given to new mums in moderation.

Palomi Gupta, 28, recently became a new mom and her mother-in-law insists that she eats these traditional confinement foods. “These foods will help me gain all my pre-pregnancy energy back. Plus, it’s good nutrition for the baby. But I make sure that I consume them in moderation. For instance, I take a cup of panjeeri after lunch or eat three methi pooris for breakfast occasionally,” says Gupta.

But what are these confinement foods and how can you make them at home? Well, all these answers are right here. Click on each of these traditional confinement foods to know their recipes.


Ajwain halwa

Gondh ka laddoo

Methi poori


Badaam sheera

Ajwain ka parantha


Oats porridge

Mandua ka halwa


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