5 best old Hindi godh bharai songs

5 best old Hindi godh bharai songs

If you like to have some fun with old songs, we suggest you add some of these playful godh bharai songs to your playlist.

If you are already looking for these songs, then it means congratulations are in order!

We know that welcoming a new member into the family brings cheer not only to the expecting mother, but also to its members. You will experience excitement in the house as congratulatory messages will pour in for you.

But the most interesting part of celebrating motherhood will be your godh bharai ceremony.

Almost all Indian families celebrate the godh bharai or 'fill the lap' ceremony for two reasons. They give the expecting mother a reason to dress up and have fun with her family and friends. In addition, this ceremony is an occasion to bless the mum and the unborn child.

So, if you are preparing for your own godh bharai ceremony, then be assured that most of the preparations will be taken care of by the family.

However, if you like to have some fun with old songs, we suggest you add some of these playful songs to your godh bharai playlist. These are not your contemporary hip shaking numbers, but soothing old school songs that are sure to make even your own mum nostalgic!

#1 Old is gold

#2 For the naughty boy

Continue reading to see more songs you can add to your godh bharai playlist.

#3 Some divine intervention

 #4 For the Queen Mum herself

#5 For Yashomati maayia

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Deepshikha Punj

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