Top 5 Indian mythological stories for kids

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Indian mythological stories have been an integral part of Indian culture and it is their standout characters that can teach kids valuable life lessons

Narrating stories to your children can be a great bonding experience. As a storyteller, you not only fire up your child's imagination, but also inculcate good values and help him develop emotional intelligence.

And if you are wondering about the kind of stories that can best help your child develop a creative personality, then look no further than your own rich ancient texts that have some of the top Indian mythological stories for kids.

Indian mythological stories for kids

Legends and myths have been an integral part of Indian cultural fabric. And it is their standout characters and stories that can teach kids the most valuable life lessons.

Whether is the Ramayana or Surdas, Indian mythological stories for kids help fire up their imagination and takes the listener in your child to a magical place.

Packed with legends, myths, and life lessons, here are our picks for the top 5 Indian mythological stories for kids.

#1 Eklavya

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Story: This is the story of a young tribal boy who is rejected as a student by Rishi Dronacharya. But even after his rejection, Eklavya masters the skill of archery on his own. However, he continues to think of Rishi Dronacharya as his teacher and worships his statue.

Through his dedication and perseverance, he becomes the greatest archer of his time. However, when Rishi Dronacharya found out about his skills, he tricks Eklavya to sacrifice his right thumb as guru dakshina.

Being a dedicated student, Eklavya does not think twice before fulfilling his teacher's wish.

What your child learns: The attributes of devotion, respect for teachers and dedication makes Eklavya a great story to narrate to the kids as young as 5 years old.

#2 Surdas

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Story: This is the story of Surdas, who is known for writing a hundred thousand songs for Lord Krishna. He was a loyal devotee of Krishna and proved it time and again.

As per a famous Surdas story, when Lord Krishna asked Radha to stay away from this blind devotee, she disobeyed him and went anyway. But Surdas who had a strong sense of smell caught her ankle and took her anklet away. When she revealed her true self and asked for her anklet, he refused to give it and said he was blind and didn't trust who she was.

So Lord Krishna gave him his eyesight back and he saw both Lord Krishna and Radha. However, he asked the lord to take back his sight because he had seen the lord and didn't wish to see anything else. Lord Krishna was very happy with his devotion and complied; and this made Surdas the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna on earth.

What your child learns: This story is testimony to devotion, love and sacrifice and all of these attributes are important life lessons for any growing child.

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#3 Abhimanya (Mahabharat)

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Story: The story is about Abhimanyu who hears the narration of winning a war tactic (chakravyuh) from his father, while still in his mother's womb. However, as Arjun reaches the end of the story and reveals how to break that tactic, Abhimanyu goes off to sleep.

This sleep in the womb (before his birth) leads to his death when his unable to break the tactic (chakravyuh) during the actual Kurukshetra war. However, the teenager decides to continue fighting until the end and gives up his life to protect the honour of his family.

What your child learns: The story of Abhimanyu, son of Arjun, depicts loyalty, honour, courage, and sacrifice. These are life lessons that go a long way and can help develop a strong personality.

#4 Lord Ram (Ramayana)

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Story: This is the story of Lord Ram of Ayodhya who faces many adversities in life including an exile and a war to defeat Ravan, the king of Lanka, who kidnaps his wife Sita.

In all these adversities, Lord Ram and his friends, brother Lakshman and wife Sita, show an immense sense of integrity and honour, thereby helping him become the great king he was at the time.

What your child learns: This mythological story about a brother's bond, honour, courage, friendship, intelligence, and love is the perfect story for a young child. It has all the life lessons that a child needs to develop emotional intelligence.

#5 Devi Durga

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Story: One among them is the famous story of Rakshas Mahishasur. Answering the call of Indra and his ministers, Devi Durga comes to defeat and kill Mahishasur and stop his barbaric reign on earth.

She fights with honour and single-handedly kills this monster. Thereby, restoring peace and sanctity on earth. Her heroic saga is a testimony to the power of a woman.

What your child learns: For all those parents who have little girls, stories of Devi Durga are perfect to inculcate a sense of courage, bravery, and honour. There are many stories of Devi Durga that you can tell your little princesses, especially during Navratras when they are usually narrated with the holy songs.

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