Taking your baby for his first pool outing? These 7 tips might come in handy

Taking your baby for his first pool outing? These 7 tips might come in handy

If you're planning to take your baby out for his first swim as well, just like Mark Zuckerberg, these tips might come in handy.

This Saturday it was time for Max to take her first swimming lessons with her dad, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The two-month-old looked amazingly calm as her dad held her head gently and looked lovingly at her. He captioned the photo 'Max's first swim. She loves it!'

Max's first swim. She loves it!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Babies are natural swimmers

Max definitely looked like a pro while taking her first swimming lessons. And why not. Doctors say that babies demonstrate an innate swimming or diving reflex by birth which makes them take swimming as as fish take to water.

Besides, daddy can do it, too. Just like Zuckerberg, taking the baby out for swimming can be an important bonding activity for fathers who always complain of not knowing what to do with a baby that is really small. 

If you're planning to take your baby out for his first swim as well, these tips might come in handy.

  1. Start Early: While two months might be a little early for your baby, as infants normally learn to hold their head by the age of four months, doctors say the sooner a baby is introduced to swimming, the earlier he would pick it up. As they know how to survive under water, babies can make better use of their natural reflexes if they start floating early. This confidence starts diminishing as they grow older than  six months.
  2. Choose a warm pool: Infants spend nine months suspended in fluid in their mother's womb, which is why they have a natural tendency to survive under water. Which is why swimming in a warm pool would be better than one with cold water. This would also make them less prone to catching a cold.
  3. Take the right stance: It would be better if you meet a professional baby swimming coach before you take your baby for his first swimming routine, in order to understand the positions that are best for your baby. Also, make sure that the head is fully supported during a swimming session.
  4. Sing to your baby: While some babies learn the trick quickly, some might get a little agitated on their first outings. You can, at such times, sing them their favourite lullabies or rhymes to calm them down. Also, take it easy yourself, don't panic and keep smiling at your baby to make him feel secure.
  5. Make sure he is well fed: Swimming can exhaust your baby and it would be better if you feed your baby at least half an hour before he starts his swimming class. This would make sure that he is in a good mood throughout the session.
  6. Choose the right diaper: Most pools allow the baby to swim in just the nappy. You can choose either a disposable nappy or a reusable one. Your baby's doctor might also have suggestions to make while choosing the right swimming gear as he can tell you about fabrics that are safe for the baby's sensitive skin.
  7. Consult the doctor: To be on the safer side, consult the doctor before taking your baby out for his first swim.

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