Three-year-old sexually abused in Bengaluru preschool; incident sparks outrage online!

Three-year-old sexually abused in Bengaluru preschool; incident sparks outrage online!

The little one has also told her parents that there might be other girls who would also have been abused like her.

In yet another case of child sexual abuse in Bengaluru, a three and a half-year-old girl was allegedly molested by a non-staffer named Manjunath in the school premises last week.

What's worse, is that the little one has told her parents that there might be other girls who would also have been abused like her.

What happened?

"The child complained of abdominal pain on Friday, so we took her to a hospital. The doctors suspected that she may have been sexually abused and we filed a complaint on the same day and the police arrested Manjunath immediately," says a source close to the parents in a report in a leading national daily.

The parents then went to the preschool and the girl identified the accused, says the father.

"My child identified the perpetrator and narrated the horrific incident time and again in front of the school staff, but they refused to take any action or even believe her. We rushed our child to the hospital for a medical test but the staff refused to even file a complaint with the police in this regard," the father told a news channel.

He also says that there might be other children who were sexually abused by the same man.

"On Sunday night, our child told us that most of her friends had undergone similar experiences and had been victims of the same accused. On Monday, we went to the school to tell other parents about the incident since we thought that they should be aware of such incidents taking place. The accused had access to roam around the school premises freely," he added.

A case has been filed against Manjunath under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, who was working for the school for the last 8 years.

Incident sparks outrage online

Meanwhile, many mommy groups on Facebook were sharing a letter that seems to be allegedly written by the parents to help them nab the culprit. The post was being shared and re-shared in numerous parenting communities and sparked an outrage of sorts.

Mothers from all over the country were left shell-shocked and also expressed their concern over the rising number of the child sexual abuse case in India's preschools, especially Bengaluru.

"Such people deserve the harshest punishment. Why is the school not taking any action?," wrote mummy Rashmi Veeresh who is the part of the group Mums of South Bangalore.

Kavitha Rajaram Mookerjee from Pune said that she is now thinking of homeschooling her daughter due to such incidents. "Really wonder I keep thinking of homeschooling my daughter," she wrote in the group School and Product reviews.

Another mother in the same group as Kavitha said that she is grateful that the parents have decided to speak about it and not stay silent.

"First of all, I would say thanks to you parent's for coming out and sharing this painful thing. My heart goes out for this baby. Me being a teacher for a couple of years can understand this. Kids are totally depending on the teachers so where is the teacher in the scene mentioned, says Rekha Mysore from Bengaluru.

Teaching your kids about sexual abuse

As parents, it may not be always possible to be around your kids all the time. However, there are some things you can always teach them so that they are alert when you are not around:

  • Teach them the difference between good touch and bad touch
  • Teach them to not to talk to/accept things from strangers
  • Teach them that even if they are in the school premises, they shouldn’t wander off and go to areas that are deserted. 
  • Be it in school, your building compound or during school picnics, always teach your child to be in a group

As parents, we must remember that child sexual abuse is a growing menace that can only be curbed by educating children about the issue.

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